New color combinations for the F 800 GS

Discussion in 'BMW Bikes In Thailand' started by Bert on the bike, Nov 14, 2009.

  1. The F 800 GS has new color combinations which are now lso available in Thailand. I am honored to say that today I picked up the first "lava orange metalic" instead of the previous yellow.



    Also I saw at Barcelona a white version (very white, they must call it "virgin white")

    The white and orange will replace the yellow and silver.

    Besides the white and orange I must say that the 23 km's back home were a pleasure to drive despite the rain and traffic jams and the bike is extremely easy to handle. I could even weave the BM through the trafic jams.

    More to follow
  2. Very nice, looks good in that colour. I see they have changed the tyres, looks like Pirellis and looks like the brake fluid master cylinder has changed slightly, different colour....does it still vibrate and wobble all over the place when riding on bumpy roads?
    Nice bike.
  3. Dear Kev

    They are Pirelli's indeed. I just picked the bike up on saturday and did a trip today to Khao Yai today in the morning and took it in the evening to Rayong where I work. The first 575 km are on the bike. I am still running it in and have not been above 5000 rpm yet. But sofar no vibtrations on bad surfaces/roads.

    My experience is mostly with dirtbikes and the feeling I had today is that the F 800GS is a big dirt bike (which made me very happy). It behaves very well on any surface and circumstance and has a lot of power to overtake cars or accelorate even at low rpm's.

    Kev, it seem you have some bad experiences and please share it with us/me. Once you tell me what is your experience on bad surfaces then I will test it out with my bike.
  4. Bert, I should clarify, no bad experiences with the handling of the bike itself, in my opinion it handles great on all road surfaces. My comment about the vibrating was purely for the front brake master cylinder fluid reservoir, the way it is mounted on the rubber grommet leaves it very flexible and when travelling at speed on badly surfaced roads it tends to wobble and vibrate excesively, I found an easy way to rectify this by putting a small tie wrap on the mount and using it to further compress the rubber mount, this prevented the reservoir from wobbling so much. Later I fitted an aluminium protector to the reservoir which basically holds it in place and prevents it moving so much. I see that companies like touratech sell specific mounts to prevent the excessive wobble. Seems to me that the design had room for improvement and wondered if there was any difference on the latest model. That said I love the bike, I run it with the ABS off pretty much all of the time, in general very happy with the bike. Cheers, Kev
  5. Ok, understand now. They have not changed it on the new version, it is still bouncing around. I do not understand why they have designed it this way.

    I have been thinking about sticking on of those hoola hoop hawaian girls with a straw skirt on top of it, spring not required, the reservoir itself bounces enough.
  6. Congratulations on the new bike Bert. A few of us are jealous I’d dare say.
  7. I am one of the Guys David Suggests May Be Jealous :wink: Lucky Man indeed. Great Looking Bike and I think possibly the Best for Northern Thailand available at this Time!!! Good On You Mate, Enjoy it 8)
  8. Congrats Bert!

    Nice bike, colours and all...

    Enjoy, happy biker!

  9. Dear David/Ian/Gobs

    Thanks for the kind words. I do not want to sound arrogant but you guys should be jealous. I have driven 700 km's since I got the bike 5 days ago and the limitation on doing more km's is my work. I have enjoyed every one of them.

    I am coming from the dirt bike side and am used to a 1995 250 XR. I hope I not upset the BMW drivers but the 800 GS feels and drives like a very powerful XR. What ever you put in front of it wheels it takes with ease and grace, it drives and handles so easy.

    I will be doing a 3 week tour through east, north east , north and west Thailand (was planning a border tour because I though it was never done before but it seems Marco and Rebecca are beating me by a couple of weeks) and should be in CM around the middle of February and hope to meet you all.

    Take care and drive safe
  10. Bert

    Yes we see you on CM with yoru shiny beemer,, remember not to wash it all the time so it looks like bike wat has been drive and not just for a Show....55555,,,
  11. Hi Marco

    Do not worry, I bought the bike to drive it, not to look at it or show it off.

    How is your border tour coming?

    Take care
  12. Bert

    All good in here and going to 5K ride now and will be in Cm bike week on 5th dec, then Starting on Early January(Hopefully)if everything goes as planned, i will take it slow and try to have as much as possible picture material. Wanna Hook Up?
  13. Marco

    Would like to hook up but I am stuck with work until February 1. I am planning to start in Koh Khong and then drive counter clockwise along the border with Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar to Kanchanaburi in 3 weeks.

    What are you planning, clock wise or counter clockwise?

    Have a save drive
  14. Clockwise from Ubon t Phibhun and from there cambo,Malay,Burma.Lao and all the way back to home, 1 month

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