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  1. Hi friends!

    I would like to share my pleasure with you all here... :lol:
    I feel like a little boy who just got a new toy! But a big one... a 2007 BMW F650GS (650cc), in the "red flame" color, 17000 km and nearly as in mint condition!
    It runs great and is very easy to handle. Slim and light with a comfortable seat, it obeys pleasantly to all what you're asking, no surprise... Very efficient in city, on roads as well as on dirt roads... Brakes good (first time I get a bike with disengagable ABS: surprise-surprise!) and though it offers "only" 50 hp and 6 mkg of torque, I expect it will be "sufficient" for riding on some dirt roads and large trails here in the north... No X-cross for sure and not the target!
    The Rotax/Bombardier 650cc engine is bomb-proof and very determined, though a bit "noisy" (especially when cold). A BMW engineer said some years ago it can run indefinitely at 7000 rev without failing: it's done for that!..


    In fact, though I'm the happy owner of a Yamaha FZ6 Fazer (what a bike! IMHO), I've been looking for a middle-class dual-purpose bike for many months. At first time I was going for a Honda Africa Twin, but no matter to find what I was expecting (not in good condition or green book not "clear" or way over-priced: till 330 KB for one 2001 model with 10000 km on the clock in BKK!)... Then, after checking some different second hand japanese dual-purpose bikes, I turned to the F650GS. So early last year I checked for a brand new one in Barcelona, but 570/580 KB were not in my mind in this time... planning to buy a street bike.
    Well, some weeks ago, I went back to Barcelona show-room here in CNX and had a look at the new F650GS (800cc), and no, I've not been impressed at all: more street-bike than the previous F650GS and a lot of cables, wires and plastic pieces stiking out here and there... So had a look at the F800GS... Ah, yes, great dual-purpose bike (a bit "for the show" IMHO), but hey!, 770 KB... And a little too"sporty" for me...


    OK. No problem... Hunting for a previous late F650GS model could begin.
    Same for every bike model on the second hand market: not "so good" condition, a bit "old", over-priced, green book not "clear"... And I was looking for a very-very good condition bike at a "normal" price.
    One day, by chance, some two or three weeks ago, speaking with a thai biker of my friends, he had heard of some second hands F650GS for sale in CNX. Just a quick drop there, and I had the choice between 3 BMW 650: one red, one black and one titan blue (see ad in "buy and sell")...


    I had deep checks and tests during maybe 2 hours (great and very kind people there), and finally decided to purchase the red one, though the 2 others are in good condition...
    Just tyres have to be changed on my new (second hand) bike (price negociated for this with the seller)...

    Et voilà!
    Happy "street plus dual-purpose" biker, about biking what may I ask more?.. Nothing indeed! I feel fulfilled, happy... and, of course, lucky.

    To be fulfilled and happy, is for sure what we can hope for our friends. And it's what I hope for you all here, through biking...
    Thanks to all to take time to read me here and to share my great pleasure.
  2. Congratulations on your new toy Gobs. Looks like a good one and maybe we can go for a ride sometime?


  3. Congrats also Gobs - she looks like a beauty and very practical for LOS - I bet she cost a bob or two to buy anyhow when are you going for a ride in CNX with the GTR crew ?

    Regards Ken F
  4. Thanks friends for your congratulations...

    Captain, I paid it 350 KB... Not so bad IMO regarding the condition, the brand (!) and the age (oct 2007). Early in the year 2008 the F650GS 650cc was priced at 570/580 KB brand new... So about 60% of the full price for about 20 months old, 17000 km on the clock and in very good condition is OK... Me think!
    If interested Captain there are two more for sale: see "buy and sell"...

    I know Pikey and Ken Yam... I would like to enjoy a ride with you, but,
    phew, I'm very lazy: dating at 8 or 9 am in CNX for a ride is very "hard" for me. It means getting up at about 6 and half or 7 am, and I can't open straight my eyes at these times...
    If 10 or 11 am, OK, could be. But I noticed you start very early (for me!), in fact, sometimes at this time (8 or 9) I'm not even awoken! :roll: I know, I know: the weather is better early... But for me heat (and sweat!) is (are) not a problem...
    In another hand, many times I decide a ride "in the minute": bored or tired of doing something: zap!, I grab helmet and keys and jump for a ride. Can be for 1/2 hour or 2 hours, no matter...
    Furthermore, if just for a ride, for me 1, 2 or 3 hours it's OK. But riding all day long just for riding :? it's not my "cup of tea"... For a "all day long ride", I need a target at the end of the trip...

    But OK, a next time I join the ride... if not too early, too fast and too long! :wink:

    Thanks guys,

    PS: Hey, KenYam, what is the meaning "a bob or two"?
  5. Hi Captain,

    I was not aware you owned a F650GS till last july...

    What are your thoughts about this bike?
    Any "specific problem" during "your" 110 Kkm?...

  6. Hey Gobs, congratulations, I'm super happy for you! It's great to see fellow riders sharing their excitement in such a natural way! I noticed the posts in buy and sell, and quite frankly, I'm attracted too. But I'm simply not in the market for a different bike.

    Next time I'm in CNX, we should meet up for a quick spin and a few brews at the Kafe, mate!

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