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  1. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    The new Mae Hong Son Loop map is finally being printed in Bangkok with a Chiang Mai delivery eta date of December 20th.

    The new map has
    1. The topo shaded in
    2. Hundreds of kms of new tracks
    3. Elevation profiles for 10 of the great motorcycle roads & rides on the Mae Hong Son Loop.
    4. Heavily updated city maps.
    5. Thinner 120 gram paper & still laminated plastic
    5. New selling price 250 baht.

    A BIG THANK YOU to all those people & businesses who supported GT Rider with an advert to help promote motorcycle touring in North Thailand.
    1. Siam Sun
    2. Soppong River Inn
    3. Mr Mechanic
    4. Piston Shop
    5. The Kafe
    6. The X-Centre
    7. Dok Mai Garden
    8. Eagle GPS.
    9. Active Thailand
    10. Ban Farang
    11. Sang Tong Huts
    12. Pana Huts
    13. Piya Guesthouse
    14. Riverhouse Resort
    15. Navasoung Resort
    16. Wang Chang Puek Resort
    17. M Technik
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  3. helbob

    helbob Ol'Timer

    Gooood !

    What about Digital Maps?
    In germany i use a digital maps of the german mountains. The map include a small software to make tracks und show tracks and more. Example of the software:,2400.0.html
    Maybe you can make the same with thailand? :roll:
  4. bard

    bard Ol'Timer

    I'll defo have one of them Dave,

    Thanks for the continuing effort keeping the maps updated and valid.

    Cheers Bard
  5. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    The new map is due in Cnx late tomorrow. Monday 21st December 2009.

  6. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    The map's out & going in the shops already.

    I hope you enjoy it all & it renews everyone's interest in the famous Mae Hong Son Loop.

    As to be expected Pai city & Environs maps have had a massive work over. The Mae Hong Son & Mae Sarieng city maps also have many new places on them.

    There are heaps of new dirt trails on the map & many thanks go to GT Riders & others who contributed. In particular thank you
    • Auke Koopmans the GT Rider (& everyone’s) GPS expert
    • Dave Dirty
    • Happy Feet
    • Big & Tall
    • Moto-Rex
    • Silverhawk

    New areas you should look at (& explore) are
    1. North of R1095 Pai - Wiang Haeng - Mae Lana
    2. North of R1095 Huay Nam Dang - Muang Khong / Wiang Haeng
    3. South of R1095 the fantastic Doi Mae Ya - Samoeng
    4. North of R1263 Mae Na Chon - Wat Chan / Huai Pu Ling
    5. East – south-east of Mae Chaem – Chomthong

    For inexperienced dirt riders when exploring the 4WD only tracks ride with a mate. Don’t ride alone.
    The same for the few single track trails. Don’t go alone. Don’t ride them the wet season. Go with a local guide is best!

    The topo on this map is a dark colour, black-grey, & may look a little dull indoors, but outside in the sun where you use the map the most the colours & data are outstanding.

    Take your time on the MHS Loop, don't rush. There's scores of wonderful places to visit & dirt trails to explore.

    Happy trails to you all.
  7. helbob

    helbob Ol'Timer

    Very Goood!
    I think i buy the new one when i come to Chiang Mai :p
  8. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    The new map is now available in

    1. Riverhouse Resort
    2. Sawadee Restaurant
    3. North-West Guesthouse
    4. Intira Restaurant
    5. Roadside Cafe & Guesthouse
    6. The main newspaper shop

    1. Navasoung Resort

    1. Inthanon Souvenir Shop at the summit

    1. Siam Used Books
  9. dotcom

    dotcom Ol'Timer

    Is it for sale in Bangkok? Thanks
  10. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    None in Bkk yet. Email me for bank details, make a deposit 250 baht & the map will be sent EMS mail to your Bangkok address.
  11. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    The new map is now available in

    1. Ban Farang guesthouse

    1. Piya Guesthouse
    2. Pana Huts
    3. Sang Tong Huts
    4. Rose Garden Tours
    5. Sunflower Restaurant (ask for Thai George the manager.)
    6. The Meeting internet food & drink
    7. Mae Hong Son Travel
    8. Crossroad Bar & Restaurant
    9. Salween Pub & Restaurant
    10. PA Motorcycle Hire
    11. PJ Motorcycle Hire
    12. Coffee Morning

    1. Soppong River Inn

    1. Wang Chang Phuek Resort
    2. Baan Pai Restaurant
    3. Jumbo Hammocks

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