New member + Advice on best places in Thailand to sell a Honda Baja XR250..thanks!

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  1. Hello all, new member here. What a great resource this website is!

    Anyway, I'm nearing the end of my dream motorcycle journey through Southeast Asia. I began in Hanoi on a Honda Win 110cc which I sold in Kampot, Cambodia, replacing that amazing little bike with the sturdier Baja for the rest of the trip.

    I'm currently in Northern Laos and plan to finish in the South of Thailand sometime in the next 2-3 months, where I plan to sell my motorcycle...can anyone advise where the best places are to sell in Southern Thailand? Maybe the touristy places like Phuket or Pattaya? I'd like to sell to another tourist if possible but don't want to wait around too long if possible. If anyone could shed some light on this, I'd really appreciate it. Maybe there's also an active expat website with a classifieds section?

    And if anyone is interested in a circa 1995 Baja that rides great ($500++ new parts etc including recent new carbuerator), please message me. I've got the original registration card (Cambodian) and all bills of sale going back to the original owner, complete with fingerprints (apparently the "authorities" like to see that). I've also got all repair receipts going back over a year, from the previous owner and mine as well.


  2. Don't mean to rain on your parade, but if it's registered in Cambodia it's pretty much only worth it's value in parts since there is no way to register it here in Thailand... But I suppose you might find someone that would use it exclusively off road in which case registration isn't required.

    I'm assuming you brought the bike into Thailand on temporary import? If so you'll be subject to fines if the vehicle remains in Thailand too long. (Not really a big concern if you're leaving before the temp import runs out.)
  3. Hi Tony and thank you very much for the reply...the bike is still here with me in Laos.

    Question: Couldn't I sell the bike to people interested in riding into Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam or even Malaysia without getting it registered in Thailand?

    Also, how long is the temporary import? Do I have options for how long it can be for? And can the balance of time left on it be inherited by the new owner? If so, they could ride it out of the country before it runs out?

    Sorry for all the questions, but it's been really tough to find reliable Thailand motorcycle info.

    Thanks again Tony,

  4. and don't expect that, at any time in your life, you may return to Thailand...

    - If you can, I think you would be much better to take the bike back to Cambodia to sell, and have it stamped out of Thailand...
  5. Paul
    Some helpful info here
    about border crossings.

    and temporary import
  6. ^ Excellent links David! Hard to remember all the rules and so useful to have them conveniently located in one place! rulez.gif
  7. David, thanks so much..I'll look into these links right away & as Tony said, very helpful to have all in one place.

    Quick follow-up even before I read on...if I do end up going the route of selling in Cambodia, does anyone know if the resale market in Battambang (closest major city to that BKK area) is as good as Siem Reap and Phnom Penh? Thanks! Paul
  8. I got 15k THB here in BKK if you want to sell it.. no papers.. no nothin.. just cash.

    Like everyone said.. its only good for parts.. (spares for my baja)..

    its low i know.. but.. yeah.. cant ride it anywhere.. need a pickup to get it out to nakon nayok etc..
  9. I'm interested in the bike if it you are still selling? Please PM me, thanks.
  10. Hi, I apologize for the late is still for sale, I also just posted it on the forum today but will give you 1st chance since you messaged me so long ago...please let me know if still interested, thank you...
  11. Hi again, I'm sorry but I cannot PM (maybe I'm too new of a user??)...Thank you, Paul

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