New Sachs Madass 125cc bikes in Thailand with book.

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  1. Does anyone have any details on these funky looking bikes that have appeared at a shop in Pattaya. From What I can gather these 125cc bikes that look a bit like a BMX gone wrong and are selling in the U.K at 1500 sterling, but here in Thailand come for around 50,000 baht with a book. They look great fun but I have been told are being produced in China and the engine is from JRD.... :( So even though they carry the Sachs logo of a German manufacturer they may not be up to scratch.... check them out at
  2. Motorcycle dealer pal of mine in Cebu City in the Philippines sells this model and he does indeed source it from China.
  3. They Really Look Trick and High Tech!!! Have to Wonder a little if they are Made in China but Quality of Finish looked Fantastic and for the Price Quoted: "around 50.000 Baht with a Book" would be good Value and have a Bike above the Norm of Thousands of Honda Waves etc!!! I haven't seen any on sale here in Chiang Mai Yet? They were on Show During Bike Week and at the Go Kart Speedway Bike Racing.
  4. Rich,

    Can you describe where the shop is? I am going to Bira track day on Saturday and would like to pop in. I am looking for a chicken-chaser and that might fit the bill.
  5. Mike, the shop in question is on 3rd road central Pattaya....if you come from the beach just head up South Pattaya road and turn left at the lights onto 3rd road and it's about 300 meters on the left side just before the fire station. I passed it today and he had them parked outside in black and silver... previously he had the yellow one, so i presume he's got a regular flow of them. I havn't stopped to look at them myself yet but my thai mechanic quoted the price of around 50,000 baht.
  6. This looks like a real cool alternative to a Honda Wave - finally a small, light, inexpensive city bike with no rattling plastic parts. Would prefer a half-automatic version, if available. Googled it and it got a lot of positive reviews. SACHS I remember being an old german MC engine manufacturer, in fact I had a two-gear 50cc SACHS engined scoot called a "Goericke" in the 80s. It looked funky but blew the Puch and KTM 50cc mopeds away since it had the 2-gear automatic no other bike had. Saw a real sexy superlight SACHS 1000cc V-twin prototype somewheres.
    Lots of quality goods are made in China these days.
    Question is what kind of an engine it is, as far as I know JRD doesn't make engines, they use older Honda engines.
  7. Thats exactly what I am trying to find out by posting this topic ... is the general build and engine of the Maddass worth investing in, I realize that the goods coming out of China are getting better but as of now the Platinum and JRD bikes that I've seen in Thailand are not worth a toss... so is this Sachs bike any better????
  8. More info: this bike is also sold in Germany so I don't believe it's a cheap asian scoot comparable to a chinese Platinum, a JRD or Tiger.
    SACHS is actually the world's oldest MC manufaturer, dating back to 1886!
    If you can read german or are interested in technical data, go to
  9. I realize Sachs are good German bike manufacturers, but the point is that a Sachs Madass bike complete with green book in Thailand for around 50,000 baht is something new of now you have been limited to a few bikes mainly Honda and Yamaha up to now, apart from the previously mentioned SHIT JRD and Platinum. If Sachs have managed to come up with a good bike at that price, road legal in Thailand it's a good pointer for a wider choice of small bike at a good price. :D
  10. SACHS is an old german manufacturer while Platinum is a chinese upstart - that says a lot about quality already. The only way to find out if these MadAss bikes are worth the money would be to buy one. But the fact that SACHS came up with a very interesting design instead of the usual copycat Wave look speaks for them. Also there are no plastic parts that can rattle or fall off!
    What I would like to know is what kind of engine they're using. Funny enough SACHS built zillions of engines for other bike makers, now they're making bikes with jap engines.
  11. These 100-ish cc bikes use the same engine. 98.8% are Honda copies this hold for all the cheap Chinese, Vietnamese etc. Even KTM use a Honda derivative. A few Thaiwanese complanies have "unique" engines based on the same theme. Kimco for example and even then I used a Kimco head gasket on my "Wave" 113cc in Indo and bought larger Kimco valves but never used them.

    From the photos though it is not Wave 100 derivative as the clutch on a Wave is mounted on the gearbox shaft flat-ish transmission cover and also the starter is on the top. Edit 2 It is also not Kawasaki as their starter is also on the top. Edit 3 It is not Kymco 120 as it also has a top mounted starter. Edit 4 So maybe .
    What is needed is for someone to drop into a shop and ask about spares. If the engine is a Honda derivative Sachs won't bother to supply parts as there is ample supply in Asia of both genuine and knock-off parts. In which case the shop will advise using Honda parts as they probably do themselves
  12. Now have one at Siam Racing in Pattaya. Didn't ask how much. :oops:
  13. The madass is selling in bkk for 57,000 baht plus 1000 baht for registering. Around Pattaya the prices vary from place to place... but a little bit more than Bkk. This said, I was talking to Scott; the owner of Siam Racing and he did say that he put a 1 year warranty on the Madass bikes he sold.
  14. Hmm I was thinking about a BKK runabout for odd trips to suppliers etc. to make business a bit more pleasurable.

    :idea: For 58,000 I'm sure I could find a Phantom 150 and add some Tyga parts 8)
  15. Do u have the name for that shop ? cause i am not a local . i have just buy a Sachs Madass125 in Singapore. Thinking of buying some accessories for my (ASS) . Or can anyone recomand any shop specialize in selling Bikes accessories . Cause i will be going to phuket for holiday next week :lol:
  16. Ce you can't give you a name but I think IF they have motorbike taxis in Phuket you just ask one to take you to a shop "Motocy". Most of the parts will be generic but..... Most popular "bukes" here are belt driven scooters so you can get everything for them even a 180cc conversion.
    You need to find out , if any, what engine the Sachs is based on that will make it easier.

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