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  1. Not sure if this is right area to post this but it has lively discussions and contributors so hopeful if someone can put me straight. I am moving up from Malaysia to Krabi town in March and want to buy a new Versys - the only Kwak dealer in town is Dusitmotor and while staff tried to help they did not have any English (one of the four Honda dealers had good English - "no PCX stock for 8 months!"). They inferred that they could supply bike and gave me a price list but not that confident in doing this (and having bike serviced) with almost no communication and also not sure if they are a big bike dealer - the Thai Kawasaki site dealer search and other info infers that some dealers are limited to up to 250cc but again cannot check this due to my lack of Thai. Are there any other Kawasaki dealer around Krabi or would I be better off jumping on a ferry and go to A R Motor Bike in Phuket who due to location I assume would have some English?

    Thanks for any help

  2. I tried to buy a CRF250M in Songkhla but the dealers told me that they can't get one for me even though it's only 250cc and considered a small bike.
    I finally bought one in Hat Yai which is the third biggest town in Thailand (I read somewhere).
    A Honda dealer had a couple of CRFs on the floor, fortunately a black M so I bought it.
    I changed oil myself but for the first service check up I went to Phuket.
    At the Hat Yai dealer I had to use Google on their computer to translate "valves"!
    I think Krabi is about the same, if you want knowledgeable mechanics who speak English go to Phuket and have services done there.
  3. Hey John,

    I live in Krabi and have had two Kawasaki's here (my first, a Ninja I bought in Bangkok). When I first moved here there was no dealership 5 years ago, I was going to Surat Thani for warranty service. That sucked :p

    Now there is a dealer (and they've got a new nice show room on Maharat road), however officially they are infact limited to 250cc. They definitely have 300s and higher on display new, though no Versys.

    I bought my Versys 650 from them (Krabi) a little over 2 years ago, however they routed the paperwork through the Surat Thani office. They did get it done though.

    I have generally have had no issue getting stuff serviced at that shop, though for something really really hard they may refer you to a larger dealership. Surat Thani is a straight shot up the Route 44 highway from here worst case. I have not had to do that though since they opened their dealer here though. I know the main mechanic (Jit) and they're generally fairly competent. YMMV though :)

    SO. All that being said ... Hey buddy ... you're in the market for a Versys? :)

    I'm JUST about to post my completely loaded Versys 650 for sale if you're interested: I'm definitely open to reasonable offers, I'd love to see it go to a good home. The cases and GPS were a PIA (and expensive) here due to the high import tax.
  4. KZ and trolld thanks for the replies. Trolld did you consider AR Motor Bike in Phuket they are a big bike dealer or is it just as much prob getting there as Surat Thani and many more (too many) farang? Bike sounds interesting but have a GPS and really want a new bike - thanks for the offer though. If you see a farang on a yellow one in next month or so it will prob be me.

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