New Yamaha & Honda Bikes for Thailand.

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  1. After all the constant Posts and Rumours regarding New Big Bikes in Thailand i got my Staff to find out from both Yamaha & Honda Head Offices exactly what is going on, here is what i found out:
    The Bike i wanted would have been the New XT660 "Tenere". Reply; "No way they will Never bring it to Thailand" A very Blunt negative answer i thought? They have not yet finished their New Showroom. These are the only Bikes they will bring in at this stage;
    Majesty 400.
    FZ6. SZ1. SJR1300.
    R6. R1.
    So a Total of 6 models. (not one i would be interested in!!!)

    These Guys were a lot more Helpful and Positive. My Bike of Choice would be the New "Transalp 700" They said it is not yet released in Europe so therefor not available but would have more News next April (International Motorshow Perhaps???) He did say he could get me a New Transalp XL650 through a Friend if i wanted? Didn't quote a price or give details. He did seem open to the idea of Ordering any Bike that someone wants if Honda has it available once their Big Bike operation is going. At this Stage the Only Bikes they will Bring in will be;
    Big Scooters.
    CBR 600.
    Again no Models that i would want but promising news for the Future? I would Guess we will Hear, Find out and See a lot more at next Years International Motorshow end of March beginning of April, Can't Wait!!!
    So at this Stage we are Left with Harley, Ducati, Triumph and BMW. All the Expensive ones.
    Keep well and all the Best.
    Cheers Ian.
  2. Ian.

    One would assume that they have done some market research to come up with those models. Unfortunately I think GT-Riders wishes are in the minority. Partly, sadly, because of apathy. How many GT-riders have contacted Yamaha asking for a Tenere?
    Which reminds me. Time to contact Kawasaki again and ask about my Versys.
  3. Ian, what you say about Yamaha matches up with the brochure they gave out to me last December, have been emailing them, and also emailing directly to their chief mechanic but no replies.

    intend going to same same motorshow in December, will try and see if I can get an answer.

    Mike, the Kawaskaki tent at Sepang informed me that Kwaka in Bangkok have been selling the Versys there since March.
    Here are some fotos for you to drool over ... &Itemid=38
  4. I think you hit the nail on the head. Although we all like to look at and dream of some of the new models, if they were dropped in the LOS tomorrow, how many of us are really going to go and buy a new bike? No, I am not taking a survey, but it is a marketing fact that they would need to gear their marketing to a much wider demography in order to make money. We sometimes forget that for the dealers making money is what it is all about, for us it is still just a hobby.

    It is encouraging to see what is going on though, and I hope for you guys that are seriously in the market your dream bike shows up (ask Pikey, haven't seen him smile so much in a long while ).[:D]
  5. TJ,
    I sent an email to Tidavan the Showroom Manager asking for a price and can I order one? Let's see what she says.
  6. That one has been sold for over 500K, not exactly what we weer told and the guy had to argue to get at that price a year old model by then. There is another place here Udon that will get new bikes, Honda or Yamaha at less. One guy order a 1100 Dragstar new with a book, Got it in about four weeks. 460 K I'm still waiting to see the book. But not the dealers fault ( visa problwm) and doubt you will see a warranty
  7. Here is the reply.

    Dear sir,

    I am sorry that I cannot serve your demand now.
    Next year, we will introduce more new model but Versys doesn't in the plan.
    Now we have no policy to order import model for customer since we have to care for service and spare part also.
    Let's see the new model next year.
    I hope that you may like some model replace Versys.

    Thank You very much.

    Best regards,

    Direct Retail Sales Dept.
    Kawasaki Motors Enterprise (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

    So it looks like our ideas about what bikes are nice does not fit Thai marketing peoples' idea of what they should sell. Shame because I figured Versys is perfect for Thai roads. Obviously not enough bling or not stupidly expensive enough for the local market.

    Did get a price from Red Baron, they can get me one for 450,000!! Having just bought a new truck for work for 350,000 it grates to pay more for a bike.
  8. I see this asian way of thinking every day, marketing people not really do a "market survey" just put in their ideas of which products the customer has to like or not. When asking somebody what they would buy, it's mainly their close friends because no Unggit (English) needed. If these guys are Thai Hiso, they simply like to drive scrapheaps (Harleys) around Ratchada or RCA, must be expensive and loud so to be able to show off, nobody making a rational decision here. Considering the state of the roads just now or espescially during the rainy season, enduro's/dirt-bikes would be the only reasonable choice. So we are limited to the "expensive" brands Ian mentioned. BUT DON'T expect the Japs to be much cheaper, as a matter of fact, import charges, taxes and registration charges are very high and that's also for japanese imports !!
    As nobody buys big bikes on a regular basis, there's sufficient new bikes available, I too had to save cash a long time to be able to buy it. If you're looking at bikes in a low price range, then you have to face the invoice/registration music anyway. But if that's still too much for you, why not get yourself a local bike with lower CC's like Kawasaki's KLR110. Still we are able to choose between several new & legal brands in Thailand, which you can't do in several other SE-nations. When you are a longtime resident, there comes the point where you have to accept that not all is same as back home. This posting is not meant to critisize or offend anybody but just to keep expectations low, once they import other bikes than the monkey-wheels (chopper style sitting position), the greater pleasure we will have............ Cheers, Franz
  9. Personally I'd be happy with a motard-style Kawa 175, using the engine of the Boss chopper, or a Honda XR150L with a CBR 150 engine - priced around 60K baht, no problems with registration or parts/service...
  10. Hopefully, with official lines in, it will weed out the scum like Xtremebikesbkk and others, who are just scoundrel ( Farang) highway theives.......
  11. +1

    I was reading the newspaper and the new Nissan Skyline GTR was introduced at the Tokyo Motor Show. Apparently 10 units were “snapped up” by the grey market for delivery to Thailand. I have to ask why the grey market. Why didn’t Nissan say sorry you’ll have to talk to our distributor in Bangkok?
    Somehow the grey market must be part of Thai culture, something organized by and for the privileged few. I mean if Nissan sold Skylines at the dealership anyone could buy one. It adds an air of exclusivity like wearing a limited edition giant broach around one’s neck.
    If grey market is part of the culture here we will never get the big four to import bikes we want at real world competitive prices because that’s not what the markets wants. The market wants to order specific models from grey market suppliers to ensure exclusivity.

    Maybe I’m wrong and someone could expound on an alternate theory. I know someone is going to say well what about Harley, Ducati and Triumph , well I don't know why they can do it and others can't. Actually in a way the whole thing plays into the manufacturers hands. If anything is grey market there is no expensive warranty, no spare parts supply chain required and no dealer support necessary.
  13. I think you answered your own question! High Spec Special Vehicles will sell in Low Numbers so not worth the Warranty, Spare Parts, Staff Training Blah Blah. The Dealers are only interested in Moving Big Numbers. Toyota Vigo offering Buy now No Payments for 1 Year. Mitsubishi 0% Interest!!! etc etc. Bloody Stupid. That is why the Roads are Full of Dick Head Drivers, Because they are throwing Cars at them!!! 4 of my Staff have Brought Cars in the last year, (must be paying them to much!!!) One couldn't even Drive had to get another one to drive it home for him. 3 Brought Brand New Pickups, One brought a Mitsubishi Paid 40.000 Baht deposit the rest Paying off over 6 Years!!! Imagine if they did the Same with Big Bikes!!! All the Idiots riding around at 200kmh in Flip Flops. Thai Governments Idea of keeping the Economy moving, Stupid!
  14. Ian,
    I think rather that is an indication that your business is flourishing. I just bought a Suzuki Carry I didn't get 0% but it is much cheaper, so I added another vehicle!!
  15. Putting thais on big bikes would be a fantastic idea , it would clear the roads of 10,000 idiots a month mostly useless young guys .Darwinian Law at work.
  16. Yep, but maybe then they take out some of the good guys in the process (i.e. us!)[:(]. Leave them on their U-frames with racing flip-flops please!!!! At least with the f*cking idiot Fortuners/Vigos/D-Max's e.t.c, you can see them and they manouevre slower than a bike, thus increasing our chances for avoidance. Can you imagine the roads full of fast bikes driven by people who share a brain cell on a rotational basis? = Playstation in real life! No thanks.....


  17. The 1100 I mentioned I have now picked up the book and plate that the dealer said he would provide, he did. Once the visa problems were resolved things moved rapidly.

    However it did take longer for the book then having the bike delivered.

    almost for got this guy is not a Yamaha dealer, he in mports big bikes and sells them with and without books. But this baby was brand new.

    Say he can do the same thing Hondas. I really donlt know nayhitgn beyond he did exactly what he said he woudl do. I bought a used bike from him. He has stood by his word thus far. For me thats good enough

    But I don't know if he woudl take as far as a factory warranty.

    For Udon the best choice for a new big bike, for sure.
  18. I will go a +2 for Klaus's idea. I was looking at some recent copies of MCN and see that Yamaha are producing a 125 four stroke single sports bike. It looks a bit like a tiny RI.Aprillia are also following suit. But if you can get legal 200cc Phantoms here, then for Christmas I would like a brand new road legal XR200 or even a new DT125(200)two stroke.
  19. Apart from a 'flying visit' in August i haven't been around since the beginning of the year. So is there any indication of when the Honda and Yamaha show rooms will open for business? The idea of getting my paws on a CBR6 or R6 has got the old juices flowing!
  20. Triumph Daytona 675 is already here[8D]

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