Nim See Seng Motocross May 12/13

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  1. It seems there is a motocross event this weekend near Chiang Mai at Nim See Seng (on the Lampang road). I've been told they rebuilt the track with lower jumps to encourage more local riders....

    The event last year was written up in this thread: "Chiang Mai MotoX September".

    Make sure to bring your umbrella and rubber boots.....

  2. Here is the link to my post from last year with directions of how to get there and photos; ... ,motocross

    I have seen people in red shirts on street corners around Chiang Mai passing out flyers for this years event so there will probably be a pretty large turnout.
  3. Too bad about the lower jumps, as the mx racing will now be a lot less spectacular. It was those incredibly high (triple) jumps that were the highlight of the day. But like you said, it might attract more local boys to the race as they hardly have any opportunity to practice high or double/triple jumps.

    Any GT-riders going to watch the races tomorrow and/or Sunday?

    Last year a few farang buddies came out on Saturday to cheer me on (I raced a YZF in the veterans' class), but they arrived at the track when my race was already over. I had a pretty good start and was in fourth position when in the second lap the guy in third position crashed on a jump. As I was right on his tail, I couldn't avoid him and landed on top of him, and got stuck with my leg between his rear wheel and mudguard/subframe assembly. By the time the marshals had untangled the mess and freed my leg, the race was over. So I missed out on the finals. One of my bikes however scored better than I did with a Thai buddy in the saddle who managed to get on the podium. I ran to the truck to get my KTM for him just seconds before the start as his YZF's motor didn't want to fire up when he lined up at the starting grid.

    This year I'll be face in the crowd, as I'm getting way too old for mx anyway, and currently my life is all work and no play, so I don't have the fitness level required for this sport.

    This said, any GT-riders thinking of entering any of the enduro races that Peter Pai listed in his post in the 'events' section a few days ago?

    Surely SuzukiLuke must be chomping at the bit to have a go on his pristine condition XR280? And what about Justin on his super duper KLX300? Maybe Pikey on his red hot XR400? Perhaps Barry BBQ on the DR400Z? Surely Silverhawk on his DR250, including the top case on the rear rack as counterweight? Or Ian Bungy on his spanking new Pantera XRA250?

    As I suggested over lunch today when talking with Ian and Justin, maybe Ian should launch an X-Centre/GT-Rider enduro racing team with the aforementioned gents in the saddle of his Panteras? That would be good for a few laughs, wouldn't it?

    With a few fellow GT-riders competing I might be interested to re-enter the enduro scene again, as it gets pretty lonely being the only farang now that my riding/racing buddy Christophe has gone back to France for the summer.
  4. Dave, how is it possible that you didn't get a single photo of the only farang (and GT-rider!!!) competing in last year's event? Must have been because I got stuck on top of another rider in the second lap... So much for my once-in-a-life-time chance of '15 seconds of fame'...
  5. Don't know how I could of missed it. I was only there for Saturday and I didn't see ANY falangs. I should have seen you as you be a few "heads" above the crowd.

    Are you sure you don't want to enter this year? If you promise a re-enactment of last year I will definately try for the photo!!

    As for the DR250 case as a counterweight; it works great! I can throw in or take out what I like. Highly adjustable. :>)

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