Nuvi 550 for LOS and SEA, some review here?

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  1. Hi all,

    I decided to go for a GPS (yes sir, at least!), and I'm thinking of a Nüvi 550. Apart for some details, and the small screen (3.5", but afterall it's a multipurpose "all-terrain" GPS), I read good reviews on the web...

    Some thoughts and advices here?

  2. Hi Gobs ,

    I'm using a Nuvi 550 on my KLX as you can see below and i'm very happy with it for the price i paid last year in Europe (324 Euro) Also no problem in the rain as it is waterproof.



    The new Zumo 660 looks alot like the Nuvi 550 now , only wide sreen then as you can see here ... t6062.html

  3. Merci beaucoup avantgarde!

    Thanks for the input.
    Is the screen really so small in driving conditions?
    Is the Nüvi 550 efficient on-road as well off-road?

    Cool your bracket, avantgarde...

  4. OK,

    Had a go today to EagleGPS in Pantip Plaza, here in CNX...
    Very kind staff...

    But no Nüvi 550 in shop... Maybe some next week...
    Though, hey, nothing special to look at: it's just a screen arounded by some plastic... I just wanted to "feel" the "rugged touch" if I may say...

    As I understood:
    - Unit + bike bracket + car succion bracket (with map of Europe, yeah!): 16500 Bahts,
    - Map of Thailand: 4500 Bahts,
    - AC charger: 1500 Bahts,
    Free SD Card 2 Gb...
    That is 22500 Bahts. Price very near the 60CSX


    And, here in CNX, I didn't even find "my" watertight-cigarette-lighter sockets my bikes need!.. Well, maybe better to order on the Net...
    What to do with a Nüvi 550 if I can't plug it?


  5. Yeah , EagleGPS they order from europe , there is no thai version yet , so thats why whole europe is on it too.

    I bougt mine in Belgium (324 Euro) includes everything you need except the thai map.
    Then i hand it over to the Thai guy in BKK Seacon Square building (global 5) and for about 1500 Baht i have Thailand , Vietnam , Malaysia , Hongkong , Cambodia on it too. Also police checkpoints and flashing camera points and even LPG gasstations in Thailand.
    Al updates available too for about 200 Baht per time :wink:

    The mount on my bike is made from a cheap mirror (80 Baht ) , cut it and let them weld here a metal boll on it with the exact messurements to fit on the original holder (costs 200 Baht)

    To plug it to your bike is very simple , i used a second cigarette lighter charger (3 Euro) were i just cut the plug from and atached the cable to my battery from the bike. So if you might need it , it is available. To be honest i didn't need it yet because the battery from the nuvi can stand easy 6 hours. I do not make bigger trips then 6 hours in one time.

    Cheers ,
  6. @gobs,

    I just sent you PM with some GT-Rider member's offer :p

    That's a very smart (and cheap) bike mount solution :)
    Does it work well for you?
  7. Thanks Mauris,

    And thanks for your "valuable" PM (I sent you back my answer :wink: )...

    But really, more I read and learn about GPS units available, more I feel lost! :shock:

    So, OK, I had to go through serious and real tests*:


    But tests and more tests (and you can't see here the 60 Csx and the Oregon 300 both hold in hands :roll: ), and at the end: which one do I choose?
    Nüvi?.. Zümo?.. Handheld?..
    As I would like to go for a "multipurpose" GPS (motorcycle on-road and off-road, car on-road, walks in town as well "through the bush"), I need a rough, weathertight, "not-so-big" with a rather wide screen and easy to read unit...

    Maybe the Nûvi 550 or the Oregon 300 should be THE options...

    I'll keep you posted.

    * With courtesy of
  8. Not at all. ;)
    I know it is not an easy choice, especially when the devices are not really cheap.

    From this what you are saying I would go for a handheld rather than for a nuvi. When you are hiking in the mountains, the handhelds are easier to use, the battery last longer and can be replaced any time with a standard AA.
    I am still a fun of the 60C/CSx but slowly getting more used to the Oregon series with touch screen. First I thought that the touch screen would be not good idea on the field, but such easy function like "lock the screen" with 2 touches solved the problem.
    The size of the unit and lack of pointing antenna, like in the 60 series, makes it easy to carry in the side pockets. This is the unit I have with me in the same back with my laptop (always beside).
    I miss some "one touch" functions like on the 60 series though. But maybe if I didn't use it before... :p
    There maybe a bit more difficult to find some accessories for the Oregon than for the 60 CSx here in LOS, but we are here to help :)

    Happy hunting :)

    If you would like to hold and feel both units (60CSx/Oregon) you are more than welcome to come and visit us :).

    gpspassion really rocks ;), lots of information about the GPS
  9. Thanks a lot Mauris!

    As usual, you are "perfect" and give real advices...

    OK, as I already get your phone number, I'll have a go to your shop in Pantip Plaza next week... and try to decide "with your help" if possible.

    For sure, money is money... But I want first to make "the best choice through my needs" and not come back on my decision or get some regret in the next 6 months!


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