Off Road Trip Salween Nationalpark. Mae Sariang, Mae Samlaep, Maekonkha Maesariang

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    Intresting experience on dual carriageway and I was speeding as I wanted to get to Surin before dark .I saw a van on opposite carriageway flash is lights at me so I did slow down .I didn't see the camera/ police untlll waved into the side of the road I don't speak any Thai but I think the jist of it I had been going far to fast and they has caught me .I apologised it he seemed to get a bit exited and shouting. I just kept saying sorry and he eventually told me to go.I was lucky as most places it would have been a big fine and in England points on my licence .its strange because most drivers seem to ignore all limits and even when I am going quite quick normal for vehicle to come past really fast.
    Safe riding

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