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  1. Reading new stories every day of all the fun and great trails you have up north prompts this posting.
    Are there any guys in Phuket who are already riding the trails here or are interested...I have a couple of guys keen to get together and have a blast thru the hills. Would welcome any info, or advice about worthwhile trips on the island , i believe that there is a lot of ground to be covered.
    Look forward to some response.
  2. Hi there

    By all means count me in, just picked up new tyres today for my Honda Degree, so will be keen to 'Play Dirty', pretty soon.
  3. Hey Kuhn John...
    How'd the new tyres work out?
    Any news from Chiang rai?
  4. Does anyone know of any decent off road rental bikes in Phuket ?
  5. read under Phuket Section some info there ... rms=ranong

    AND AS THEY SAY BUYER/HIRER BEWARE (read topic below throughly) ... rms=ranong
  6. Thanks for the info .

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