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  1. Hi..ive been a long time lurker (joined in 2011), but never posted.
    Thought seeing as i finally purchased a Kawasaki dtracker 250cc just the other day..i may as well officially mark myself on the GT rider forums.
    Ive lived in Thailand full time for around 8 years and in that time ive travelled most of the north of thailand.
    But on a 115cc scooter..haha! (A fino infact, which is a bit like riding a brick on wheels. Got it up Mae Salong and Phu Chi Fa..remarkably enough.)
    Well..after a very nasty accident just over two years ago at some badly potted roads around Khun Yuam (which i feel grateful to have recovered from), i decided to start learning to ride a manual bike.
    Ive only ever ridden a bike in Thailand (i can feel the gasps at that already..) and i pretty much learned on my own (with some guidance from experienced friends). Ive learned the hard way how to ride..and still learning (although hoping for no more "hard way" learning!).
    Bikes have been in my blood since a kid. My father rode (still does to my knowledge, but we are not in touch)..and he owned fast cars (Jags mainly, which i personally dont really like..but anyway..) ..Basically I enjoyed the adrenalin rush of being a passenger, but he would never allow me to ride. The only wheels I had access to were bicycle ones and i pushed them to the limit as a kid, flying down hills. So..well, the desire has always been in me...and the feeling I get on a bike is indescribable. All i can say is it makes me feel free.
    Happy to be a part of the GT Rider forum.
    Looking forward to having free time for reliving trips ive done on the Fino, on a "proper" bike, finally!
  2. Thanks for the welcome, and the invite.
    Sorry i couldnt make it along this evening, but hopefully the next one.
    Wish you all a great evening :)

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