Only in Pattaya?

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  1. Everytime I see it it still amazes me. It's OK to publish photos of the mangled bodies of hapless punters killed in road accidents (with the paramedics posing obligingly - is that guy smiling!!!) yet they'll pixellate out an image of someone smoking or drinking alcohol on TV.

    Amazing Thailand indeed.
  2. Gee, drunk, no helmet, R1. Big surprise.
  3. Living near Pattaya I see so many tourists (and locals) riding way too fast in City congested streets where there are no rules of the road that I am just surprised that more don't get killed this way ! I think the reason that the authorities let the media take video and photos for publication is their way of sending a warning to others what can happen.......they don't have the communication skills or infrastructure to pass on this kind of warning any other way.[:0]
  4. Slash,

    like you I don't have much sympathy for him. More a comment on what does and doesn't draw the attention of Thai media censors.
  5. Shame to smash up a nice bike like that though!
  6. I ride my Ducati fast in Thailand in the appropriate places but on the streeets of Pattaya I cruise slowly on it , it does amaze me the number of thick twats in T shirts and shorts with no helmets doing wheelies on the deadly Pattaya streets.

  7. When I was riding to Chantaburi along the Sukhumvit from Pattaya there was a smashed up car displayed on the central reservation to warn of the dangers of bad driving. Maybe they should display the wreck of this R1 on Beach Rd in front of a board with pics of the unfortunate idiot who lost his life on it.
  8. Hi Friends,

    In fact, I am sad to learn such drama, at the end of it it's a brother, a son, a cousin, a firend and and maybe a father this guy.....

    But let say, just think to it, PATTAYA....SEE, SEX and SUN + Alcohol what better conditions to transform this poor fellow into the King of the Hill...

    Unfortunatelly, for the Riders who know earth is hard and hurts, nothing else.

    I will rally Bikerala, Gus, Monsterman and Others....Drive safely, ware your helmet and avoid too much drink when you are not used too.

    Sad story, unfortunately...

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