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  1. I am, unlike the Pope, fallible. I have been known to make mistakes. Indeed, just over a decade ago I made one, and I made one in about 1968. However, I readily admitted my mistakes because that's the style of bloke I am.

    'Humble' is my middle name.

    So I am prepared, as is my habit (as you may perceive from the above) to admit to yet another faux pas. Mein Jew, this is just a failure in a matter of judgement so,those who are not quite as honest may prefer to not call it a genuine mistake.

    I went on record some short time ago to defend the stock rubber on my Versys. Said I, "These are plurry good tyres and make no mistake". Well. I wish now to modify my claim and to admit my error.

    Let me first say this. Although I have been riding for near to half a century, I have spent the last 26 years in the Northern Territory in Oz. No hills, no corners, no open road speed limits, and well maintained roads...er..road. So, I rode big V twins (my last a Honda VTX1800) and wore out the centre part of the tread every 12 to 15K kilometers.

    Consequently, I thought the Dunlop stockies on the Kwakka were okay. I went around corners pretty quickly and here in the mountains, they performed better than any tyres I had used since 1984.

    Okay? So, heeding the advice of all the smart-aleks, I bought a new set of Pirelli Scorpions from Chiang mai Kwakka, fitted and balanced for a total price of 11,300 baht. I set off with a degree of sceptecism on my way back to Pai.

    I have found a new dimension to my riding. For the first time I scraped the hero pegs (and felt completely comfortable and confident). Instead of a speedy tourer, I now genuinely feel as though I am on a sports bike.

    I goofed; got it wrong; fluffed it, and now I am here to open my heart and ask forgiveness.

    And, bugger it, I had high hopes of not making another blunder until 2020.

    Pirelli = good, and mucho-gooderer than Dunlop.
  2. Heh heh! Good on ya mate!

    Amazing how much a good set of tires can improve a bike, innit?!

    Happy Trails!

  3. No need to humble yourself , just enjoy the ride and be safe . Im on my second set of Scorpion trails and so far so good. On the first set found them to have worn flat in the centres at 14000+ kms so I figure thats not too bad.

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