P*ss poor install (MRA Screen)

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    Had my MRA xcm installed by AP Shop Racing 3 weeks ago and I reported in another thread that I wasn't best pleased with it. When I first had it installed I left the dealer and nearly slammed into the back of a car as the throttle was jammed in place. While fiddling with the hand guards they over tightened the ends, I had cruise control for free!

    After fixing the guards and on my ride home I could hear a grinding and rattling noise. Thinking it was the numberplate which came loose prior that I hand-tightened just to get by until I reached home, I noticed the wheel huger which I had installed at the same time was only fastened on one side, the other was grinding into the side of the tire wall. Thinking "There's no point in complaining" I decided to check the other item I had installed; a bar mount 12v supply. Checked and all seemed fine until I pressed the horn! I whipped the seat up and noticed the fuse had blown, but additionally they had somehow blown the horn itself. I kept calm as I'm the kind that speaks my mind if service such as this goes bad.

    "Stuff it I though" The rain stopped so I decided to jet wash the bike and get the sand and other crap out from the construction in the area. After cleaning it I tried to start the bike, but nothing just a series of click and flashes from the console. Pressing the clutch cause more lights to flicker and flash. Putting 2 and 2 together I whipped the seat up only to find they had not tightened the grounding nut down. Fixed it but wtf?

    Three days ago I decided to tinker around with the screen. With tool in one hand and the other supporting the screen, the brackets literally fell out of the well-nut fixing holes. The screen removed complete with a little tug with all fixings attached. On closer inspection they had shredded the rubber well nuts. So with an hour's trip to Rama 5 kawasaki, I bought a new set, fitting 6 instead of 4 so I can simply adjust the screen up or down, the MRA is running much better. Prior it was like cracking wind in my ears. I can only surmise the screen was flapping around too much making the buffeting as noisy as the standard one.

    All is well now but I'll never purchase anything from this shop again!
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    Wow, wish i could say I'm surprised, but... TiT, eh? :/
    Just to clarify, was that AP Performance? I know there's another shop that also starts in AP, so best to be clear.
    Khun Pui is a nice guy but attention to detail could certainly use some work... Did he do the work or one of his minions?
    As is so often the case here, if you want something done right, best to do it yourself...
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    AP Shop Racing. I don't think they are the same. Sent two mates there not too long ago!
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    I'll post my recent experience here rather than start a new thread as it's also a rant about Thai bike shops and how they do business...

    So I tracked down a Yoshimura TRC-D slip on at Kawasaki Udon, but seeing as I live much closer to Khon Kaen I decided to go there instead. I had wandered in to Kwak KK a few days earlier and was quoted 17500 after a quik call to Bkk, but language was a barrier and the specifics of the model of the Yosh was never nailed down...so after calling Kwak Udon he said to go to KK and enquire about the pipe there.

    I found out the Kwak Udon and Kwak KK are owned by the same family...the sister runs the show in KK...anyway I had them make some calls about the yosh and they ended up talking to brother in Udon about the yosh he had and it was confirmed that it was in fact a TRC-D that would fit on my 13 Versys...and I was quoted 20900bht...based on research that seemed a fair price so they said the folks in Udon would send a pic of the pipe and everything that came with it and I could make my final decision...then we heard that the woman at KK had quoted me the cost price before their profit percentage...and then the games began...

    we waited for over 2 hours for this pic to arrive and in that time dude from Udon called twice saying it would be better to come to udon to get the pipe as the install would be rather complicated and he didn't feel that I was up to the task...after assuring him the first time that installing a slip on pipe was not outside the realm of my knowledge...he called back a second time to assure me that it was a lengthy and complicated procedure...so much so that I would need to leave the bike at the shop for 3 days...

    WTF! 3 days to mount a slip on?...so I have learned that when things get surreal in Thailand it's usually somethings gone wrong in the face department and as we continued waiting for the pic I began to lose hope of completing this transaction...I began to see the problem was in the fact that sister quoted the wrong price and that that was a fatal mistake from which there is no recovery...

    so instead of just admitting the mistake and telling us the price would be a bit higher( as any normal sales person would do anywhere else in the world), everything begins to change...as we exhausted our patients and began to press sister about how long it takes to send a pic she gets on the phone and all of a sudden it's not the titanium pipe I'd asked for and they'd confirmed, but the carbon version...I said that's ok...then it became only suitable for the 08-10 model Versys, so I informed them that there was no difference as far as a slip on goes...so then it magically transformed into the TRC version not the TRC-D version I wanted...so at that point I realised this was over and I politely thanked them for wasting my ****ing time a stormed out of there cursing under my breath...

    Kwak Udon and KK will never see another baht from me...

    I managed to get the pipe I want from a source in Bkk it'll be here tomorrow...I hope...

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