Paddock stand for classic Triumph

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  1. I need a paddock stand for my Thruxton. They are easy to buy here in Chiang Mai if you have somewhere to mount spools but there is nowhere to do that on the Triumph. Guys are using them with a "U" shape, to fit under the box section swing arm. I have one for my ER6N that I could have modified but need an idea of a place to do this. Some one moderately switched on so they know what I want to do. Any Farang run shops that could fab up these small pieces?
  2. Take it to Daeng's shop near the airport.
    Not a Farang shop but a switched on Thai one and the to go place for all your custom work.
  3. Agree with Hoghead but Daeng (K. Somchit) ain't that easy to find. I ride a Bonnie and know Daeng quite well. I'd be interested in having a stand made up too so if we pooled our request, maybe we'd get a discount? I can also take you there. If you are interested Bung, PM me or come by my shop before sunday this week - Tony's Big Bikes, Ratchmanka Rd


  4. An italian company make a very good stand specifically for a Thruxton. I check on getting one for my Street Triple.
    It costs about 80 dollars but shipping maybe expensive due to actual size of the box. I do not use cotton reels or lugs that attach to the swing arm as i have seen many swing arms ripped open by these lugs when the bike is dropped.

    I am sure a handy person could manufacture the same stand as the Italian brand in CM


    The lightech chain adjuster with lifter lug is what i use which is the second and third photos below.
  5. Cheers Pikey,

    I will swing by your shop for a chat. It will be easy enough to do by just modifying a stand set up for spools that you can buy here.
  6. Hi Brian,

    Tanks for the info. The chain adjusters with lifting points are an interesting idea and not too big for shipping but getting a full size stand in would be too much for shipping.

    I can get a centre stand from Triumph- they don't bother fitting them as standard- which has the advantage of being able to use anytine but they are eal expensive and again will be too heavy for shipping as well as adding weight and clutter to the bike. Norman Hyde make one that is a little cheaper FYI. Another good thing about a centre stand is that any locals who want to move the bike it will be more difficult for them. Maybe I will carry one in later but for now I need to be able to get the back wheel up for chain maintenance.

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