Pakse and the Bolaven Plateau

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  1. Hi All,

    1st post on here. I will have 3-4 days in Pakse whilst I wait for my bro to fly out and have heard that that the Bolaven is great to explore on two wheels.

    I have some biking experience: scramblers aged 16, automatic scooters (!) on various holidays, CBT in England and road experience on a 125cc, as well as some cheeky 'test' rides on friends larger bikes.

    Basically I hve two quetsions: (i) what are suggested 'good' routes for my time span; (ii) what is bike hire like in Pakse (have seen other posts on this subject so not expecting anything conclusive!).

    Thanks for your patience
  2. Hi there Bitpiece.

    The Lonely Planet guide for Laos has some good information on riding motorbikes in and around Pakse.
    They even have info on possible loops you can try.
    You can also simply work out what you want to see in that area, then get a map, and make up your own loop.

    And yes there are motor bikes for hire there.

    Cheers Rex
  3. Thanks Moto-Rex,

    I have found some decent routes now.

    As for the quailty and availabilty of the bikes, well I guess I'll just have to turn up, hope there's something half decent available and give anything a good check over before I take it.


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