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  1. Hello can anyone recommend a good place to hire a big bike in Pattaya please ? Arrive next week and looking at options.
    Thanks and safe riding

  2. hi paul, I see you posting is 6 weeks old and nobody has any RECOMMENDED places to hire a big bike.
    looks like you'll have to cut your own deal with the Thais on Beach road.
    I only do off road adventure tours on Yamaha wr250fs' Moo5 Pattaya Tai
  3. Thanks for the reply I flew to Chaing Mai and hired the bike from their in the end. I am back the same time next year so might explore options again. I stoped at Hat Jomtien and saw a few bike hire shops around so should be possible.The guest house I stopped at Rich Man Poor Man was exellent.
    Intened to ppst my trip up on the main site
    Safe riding

  4. Hello I wiil be back in November again for 3 weeks and just looking at options of how to do my motorcycle trip this year, as anything changed in Pattaya re bike hire ? It just would be convienent to hire in Pattaya then ride up to Chang Mai via Uddon etc then back again. If anyone has done a similar ride any info would be appriciated greatly.Really looking forward to Thailand again .

    Safe riding

  5. G'Day Paul,

    When I looked into this, thinking it would be a good kickoff to head deep into Issan, it seemed the best option was to hire in BKK... There seems to be a couple of shops in Bangers now doing Kawasaki 650s...

    Depends whether you want to be the trail blazer and test the shops in Pattaya for the rest of us... most of the Pattaya bikes are 20 year old, unregistered, grey imports that have taken a hammering around town for the last 15 years...

  6. Darryl
    I think I will leave the trail blazing bit, but explore the BKK options I hired a Kwaker 650 vesey last year which was brand new and exellent from CM, but I just fancy riding up to the North.Thanks for reply

    Safe riding

  7. This is the usual unresearched comment, look at date of this post, follow ALL threads, tags, searches for me and if want to engage in serious dialog, post something worth talking about
  8. Hello
    Sorry for delay replying I only tend to go on the site nearer my trip time in November. I checked out links and site as best I could (im not the most IT gifted bloke) and the off roading looks great unfortunately Ive got a bit of a back issue at the moment not sure I could do off roading :-( I didnt see any reccomdations apart from a big bike shop that some one was good enought to suggest some time ago
    Last year when I had the bike from Bangkok and rode to Chaing Mai then down to pattaya then koh Chang some of the ones available in pattaya looked nearly new so I think will be ok this year to get one in pattaya ?
    Over again in November I will be hiring a bike again heading north east this time I will visit pattaya because one of my non -motorcycling friends lives their
    Anyway any help advice appreciated as and always happy to meet for a beer
    Safe riding
  9. Hello again I arrive next month really looking forward to the trip again .I think from the responses no favoured spots to hire bikes from in pattaya .Is there any particular problem from hiring their that people are aware of such as the jet ski scam in phucket.
    I only ask because I hired bikes before in Thailand no real problem and very good when in chaing mai but its a lot more in your face in pattaya so just checking no obvious catch?
    Thanks for any advice.I looked at previous post re good roads I might ride down to koh Chang again and go to river Kwai for Remembrance Sunday
    I will post my trip hopefully i will master photos this year :)
    Safe riding
  10. Paul, I was resident in Pattaya/Jomtien for many years and active in the bike scene there. Obviously, as you have already surmised, Pattaya is full on and breeds it's own scams and worries for anyone wanting anything from a local. The only place for big bikes I would hire from is the Muslim family at the beach end of Pattayaland Soi 2.
    The brother is Amin, President of Burapha MC and a very well known, well liked and influential biker in Thailand. However, this is not to say they may not have some unscrupulous folk working for them..... it's a big firm and you may possibly deal with someone on the day who treats you like just another Pattaya 2 week WESTie.
    If you don't know him, I would take the time to nip up to Amin's bike business on Soi Batman (Sukhumvit road) to say hi, show an interest and then enquire about hiring a bike...... he would probably make a phone call to his sister, who is in charge of the hire operation, and put you on the right track. I have no problem with you dropping my name if you want: Martin from Phaiyanaak MC and Ace Cafe in Jomtien (now closed).
  11. The only place for big bikes I would hire from is the Muslim family at the beach end of Pattayaland Soi 2.

    I would agree with this comment too. I have never had a problem with them. I rented a older blue R1 from them, it broke down on the darkside of pattaya. An hour later after a phone call to them a brand new red R1 was brought to me as a replacement and the guy was really nice and apologetic for what happened! :)

    And remember don't hand over your passport to anyone, I'm not sure if they still ask for it (Last time I rented was a few years back). I always give a copy of my passport along with a deposit of approx 5000 baht.
  12. That's really helpfull I will try that .I have always given my passport except when I went from Chaing Mai to Lao so I will try that .I will make the contact that you suggest as its got to be better than a cold hire on the beach thanks very much safe riding
  13. Hello just to say I couldn't find Amin I did try and I asked at that street and motorbike taxis etc but its probably me :-( thanks for trying to help .I will put a separate post about my bike hire experience and then post my trip
    Safe riding
  14. One place to consider is the official Ducati showroom/dealer at the 3rd road. They have some brand new Monster 795s available, plus a Diavel Carbon Red. Just be aware that rental prices are way higher than at the beach road. One nice detail is that they can offer full insurance coverage too.

    And it is quite nice to ride a brand new, posh Ducati around the city...
  15. I know AMIN for last 12 years as JUMIN , his workshops are in Soi batman ask for JUMIN might be more lucky

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