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Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by Zeroradian, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Zeroradian

    Zeroradian New Member

    Hi all, Back in 2448/9 I purchased a scooter from Siam Superbike in Bangkok and had it delivered to me in Pattaya. As I'm sure all of you know things hit the fan for Siam Superbike and my scooter got caught up in that.

    About 4 months after I received the bike the green book and license plates were delivered. It wasn't till the next year when I went to register that I found out that the engine number on the bike matched the book but the frame number did not (the frame number listed in the book matched, I think it was, a 1977 bike):cry:

    However, the smog check place in Sukumvit between central an north Pattaya was able to do something to get the sticker. But whatever they were doing before they aren't doing now.

    The BiB seem to look for out of date stickers especially at the Tuesday/Friday market by Center Condo :eek:

    My current sticker is 2551 so I'm way out of date.

    Any ideas?

    PS. the Scooter runs ok and I'd like to keep it. The suspension is much nicer than the little 125 scooters and my neck may not be able to handle 125 class suspension anymore anyway so I don't want to downgrade.

    PPS. Yes, you may all point you finger at me and have a good chuckle but at the time Peter's shop was well thought of so that's why I purchased from him. And to be honest when I did have mechanical problems that first year he handled it.
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  3. thaicbr

    thaicbr Ol'Timer

    Just get the frame restamped to match the book. then go and get ya tax at a different land transport office. Is the book in your name?
  4. Zeroradian

    Zeroradian New Member

    Yes, the book is in my name. Ummm, where do I get the frame "restamped"?

    I just don't know anyone who'd be able to do that...
  5. HIKO

    HIKO Ol'Timer


    I think I am able to help You. I must see the book, all papers when you bought it and the bike. Pls contact me on number 089/2500 635. I live in Pattya on the "cheaper" side of Sukumvit.


  6. Zeroradian

    Zeroradian New Member

    Ok, I'll contact you via sms tomorrow (the 17th, I've got a speech impairment). As far as the original paperwork goes it's gone. When the problem first popped up I contacted Peter at Siam Superbike and he said to return the paperwork on the bike and he'd clear it up. A few weeks later he was no longer answering his phone.

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