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  1. Are Pay As You Go mobile phones/Sims available in CM

    What carriers are best for coverage?

    What documents do you need to buy a phone?


    (I only want to receive incoming calls)

  2. I've bought a 1-2-Call SIM when I first got here a year ago. I don't remember whether I had to show my passport, but nothing else is required in any case. Available just about anywhere where you can get a phone.

    My girlfriend has a TrueMove phone and coverage seems a little less than mine.

    Even if you only want to receive calls you will have to recharge your account from time to time - if you are staying long time. The credits expire after 30 days and I think you can be called for another period, don't know how long.

  3. Nigel

    You can buy prepaid SIM cards at every 7-Eleven in the realm, no ID needed. I agree with Peter: 1-2 Call from AIS offers the best coverage, although DTAC isn't bad either.

    I think the card without charge shouldn't cost more than about 100 baht.
  4. Thanks for the info folks
  5. SIMs are available most anywhere... book stores, 7/11, Pharmacy, computer stores...

    I use 'Happy' which is the DTAC pre-paid brand...

    either 2 x 100 baht notes, or a 500 baht note :)

    If you buy it in the 3 troublesome southern provinces bordering Malaysia, you might be required to register the SIM to your name when you buy it, 'cause they use them to trigger bombs...

    Don't know where you are posting from, but mobile connections are dirt cheap in Thailand.

    to buy the SIM is 199 baht, including 50baht in calls and SMS...

    Call rate is 2baht 1st minute, then 0.5baht/minute within DTAC, 1 baht/minute other networks...


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