Phonsavan to Tha Vieng to Tha Thom

Discussion in 'Laos Road Trip Reports' started by mactbkk, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. mactbkk

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    Following from a Lao friend up in Phonsavan regarding the road conditions:

    due to on-going road construction,
    the road is open from:

    5 to 7 AM
    12 to 1 PM
    after 5 PM

    We came down this road in early December 2008 and did run into several not too lengthly delays because of the new construction. BTW, a Vietnamese company has the contract for this job.

    Had planned to visit Tha Thom in early April but now may give it a miss.

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  3. ray23

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    Boy that sounds like fun. Is there that many paved roads yuo can travel on with a street bike?
  4. mactbkk

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    Nothing much at all paved shortly after you pass through Muang Khoune on towards Tha Vieng. Hard packed dirt and gravel, then might well hit the construction areas, I don't know how far they've progressed.

    If you plan to go all the way south to Paksan, reckon a street bike, if you're meaning a 150 cc type, might have troubles, especially if there's rains. FYI, we were in a 4WD pickup (with apologies, again, to the forum, great information and fun reading, I'm just a coward!).

    If you plan on returning back to Phonsavan and get delayed, there is a guest house at Tha Vieng, and another at Tha Thom. Both a bit rustic I'm told.

  5. ray23

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    Sounds likew mihgt be better to rent one of the dirt bikes, no the street bike is a Dragstar :lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. Auke

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    The construction may take some time. In Muang Khoune at the start of the the road there is a sign which indicates that 70 km. road will be upgraded with a starting date of October 2008 and completion date of October 2012
  7. jimoi

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    I rode thru here a few weeks ago. The joy of a dirtbike is you can get around the bamboo security poles with a few words in Vietnamese and while keeping an eye where the diggers are - power past. The danger is pretty high doing this but you can also sit for 2 hours in the sun and wait.

    Locals are doing it on step thru bikes. The guesthouses in Thathom and Tha Vieng are not so bad.

    Give me a ring Ray, I'll hook you up with wheels.
  8. ray23

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    Yuo would need an ambulance available as well :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. cdrw

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    Pakkan to Thathom:

    At one point the road is very muddy from water draining down the side of a mountain.
    Shortly after that there is an area where the road goes down. At that point the hardpack
    road surface is covered with fine powder...and it is very slippery. Hence, I crashed!
    Quite passable for trucks; okay for road bikes but very dicey for a street bike!

    Few river crossing...all easily passible in the dry season, even with a street bike.

    Other than the above, the dirt roads are fine for a street bike

    The only GH I saw in Thathom, but surely other accomodations can be arranged.

    The Thatom GH had electricity fittings in my room, but they were turned off.
    I was provided with 2 small candles (look on table). At 160-Bt/night I felt ripped off;
    maybe electricity was available for an extra fee ;-)

    Dirt roads from Thathom to Mouang Khoune were not a problem. (Feb 2007)

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