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Discussion in 'North-East Thailand - General Discussion Forum' started by ray23, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. BikeRideBangSaengUboratdam2007067.

    Now we see if this works
  2. You little beauty. It works! Good on you Ray.
  3. BangSeanBikeweekbeacheating.

    Trying one more resized doing what we do best eating and drinking Bang Sean Bike week
  4. Well done Ray

    now you know how to post foto's, how about you post a foto of your Phantom

    I am sure some of the guys would be interested in seeing the work you put into it
  5. Thats good by the way Capt. Slash can me by and sit with me until I could do this. So a Big Thank You
  6. HondaPhantom150CC2.

    I had the bike for four years, made a trip through Chaing Rai and Chaing Mai with tow people up, it did great. I went to bigger bikes and made a hobby of making a show bike out of it. It was sold not to long ago and is still running fine. I went through everyhting on the bike not just the pretty stuff. So it was great little bike. The bigger bikes are just better on my back. It is much faster the my current dragstar 400. One show one trophy :lol:
  7. HondaPhantom150rear.


    Enough of that :wink:
  8. Well not riding at the moment but I have tons of photos of past rides so I will start posting them a few at a time I have the time to do it at the moment.
  9. Hi Ray

    Bike looks nice, did you do the paint job as well?

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