photobucket upload panel gone missing?

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  1. I opened m photobucket account as usual, I can see all the upoaded pics, but I can't upload any because the upload panel isn't there.
    Did they change anything or do I have to look for it somewhere?
    I wonder if you experience the same.
  2. If you open Photobucket then select My Albums, then Photos and Upload from the dropdown menu it should show up.

    Mine does anyway

  3. Yep, I got it working by asking for a new password. I always open it the same way where I wouldn't need a password and the last time it opened but no upload panel. Easy fix. But also sometimes it doesn't work and next day it does.
    I need a new avatar...
  4. When you run the cursor over the photo, and the small box appears underneath.
    You will see at the bottom of that box the words "link options".
    Click on this and a larger box will appear.
    You can change back to the way photobucket used to be by clicking "always" at the bottom of that box. And then 'save'.
  5. WOW!! YESSS!!!! It's working!!!
    Thanks for the advice, Motorex!


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