Planning a trip to Laos - April 2014. Looking for help.

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  1. Hi All,

    Am planning a 9/10 ride out to start and finish in Vientiane in April 2014. There will be two of us.
    Expect to be renting a pair of Honda Baja's.
    Will be pestering you for information/help regarding this trip and planning a route.

    Thanking you in advance for your help.

  2. Welcome to GT-Rider!

    Plenty of experienced Lao riders here who can no doubt answer any questions you might have.

    Good idea to start and end in Vientiane as it's a great town and there are plenty of rental bike options there.

    Wishing you a fantastic tour!

  3. April not the best month, already pretty hot. But still good. If you can come earlier, i recommend it. If not, come along anyway, you will love it. Lots of great reports on this site you can review for ideas.

  4. Andy
    Hi there & welcome to GT Rider.

    For some trip planning in Laos take a look at this GT Rider outline

    this is for asphalt roads but it may give you some rough guidelines of places to go & attractions to put on your hit list.

    If you wanna a go dirt, look at some of the excellent trip reports
    by Moto-Rex
    Brian Bkk
    Tony Bkk
    Mike Hohman
    all in the Laos Road & Trip Reports
  5. Thanks for your replies.
    Can't change the dates as my mate who is coming along works in a school and his holidays are fixed. I'd rather it be hot than wet!
    I have a specific question re road conditions but am not sure where to post it?
    I'll ask here (you can move this post if need be?).......
    Route 1D between routes 7 and 8? Is it likely to be hard going?

  6. Hi Mike and Andy

    I'm also planning a trip but I'll be riding from Cambodia into Laos on my own bike (Honda degree 250). Me and my hubby are planning on going in December, Mike is that a better time to go?

    Andy, any advice you get, I'd be well happy to hear too!

    Thanks in advance and happy planning

  7. am heading up to Laos from Phuket via Chaing Rai - Chaing Khong end of this month, been told its WET!!! this trip heading to the plain of jars

    UR really planning in advance!!!!

    Dec is great time to travel the route from Cambodia up to Vientiane is fine, and 4,000 islands are amazing
  8. Sounds like a cracker trip too. That's our 2nd option. You should try the seven hundred and something corners in that area. My brother has a lot of fun doing that.

    Yeah I need to start planning now because my husband's bike needs the legal papers before we can leave Cambodia :( But 4000 islands are on the cards if all goes well. Dry season then so happy days :)

    Enjoy Chaing Khong and give us an update when you get back. Drive safely!!

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