Platimum 150cc / 250cc???

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  1. O.K., I know not top of the line, and possibly not even decent, but noticed a Thai riding a "Platinum" or something like it... Stopped to look at his bike when he pulled over for fuel... From what I could understand of what he said, they come either 150cc or 250cc... But that was about all I could understand...

    Anyone seen or know anything about them???

  2. If it looked like a baby Harley, it was probably a Honda PHANTOM.

    200cc, about 90,000 baht new.


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  3. "Platinum" .... theres a dealer just up the road from me.

    Chinese 150cc cruiser style bike ... the JRD Typhoon (also chinese manufacture but malay branded) is very similar but appears to have a better quality build.

    Price for both of these is in the 5x,000 baht range.
  4. Well, the Platinum is a new one for me - never have seen one.

    At the JRD dealer, I was told that the Typhoon is assembled in Thailand, from parts made in Taiwan. The engine size and price are right on.

    Kawasaki has another similar bike - the 175cc Boss.

  5. Assembled out of the crate perhaps ... Theres a few cosmetic changes but youll get the picture ... the beguilingly named YX150-A(VII) ... ype_id=404

    My favourite ... ... ype_id=195

    More funk than yer week old undies, no problem spotting this baby in the darkened confines of the Carrefour carpark ... however i doubt that I could pronounce "Gjewelm" after a few vodkas.

    "Wheres the keys to the bloody gjl gjml gudgemol ..."

    I suspect the Platinum may even come from the same big bin of parts they knock these beauties up from.

    Cant imagine parts being cheaper in Taiwan than Mainland China.
    Check your bs meter.
  6. BobS,

    I own and ride a Phantom, but this thing was no Honda.... A friend in Khon Kaen said that he has visited the dealer there, and that they had about 15+ bikes, 150cc & 250cc models with various accessories and themes... He said he did not have his Thai wife with him so he could not speak to them or get any information, and said that the dealer was not really anxious to talk with a Farang who was riding a Harley...

  7. There is actually a large and impressive Showroom for Platinum in Petchaburi rd, Its in a difficult place to park so not bothered to stop in. A couple of guys have been in, seeking to trade them in. They look pretty shoddy build wise. I would suspect like Harley you would spend as much time screwing bits back on as riding them. I don't think the the local manufacturers of baby choppers have much to fear.
  8. Saw a Platinum 175 trail bike at a dealer here in CNX - single pot 4 stroke, mono back end and upside downies at the front, talked to the guy and he said they were Honda copies made in China. Build quality didn't look too bad and it was priced at 47,000THB with a plate - a steal if it doesn't fall to bits within a couple of months.
  9. I saw the Platinum dealer open on a Sunday just out of Kanchaniburi. i fell over laughung when i saw these bikes looks so much better than a Harley....unbelievable.

    I thought they were only 150cc must be slow cause them there is a LOT a chrome baby!
    Ron grant
  10. The Harley look alike model is a single cylinder 150cc with 2 exhaust manifolds and seems to go quite well. A friend of mine bought one and has been replacing light bulbs and screwing bits back on since he got it with multiple returns for warranty repairs. They look quite impressive from a distance but close up the build quality is not so impressive when you look at the frame, chain, sprockets, welding and integrity of design and assembly. Not in the same class as the Phantom even at the price. In the 18mths 15000km I have had my Phantom I have not had a single fault, which gives me some peace of mind at the top end of my speed range.
    Just went to the Brisbane Motor Show. Lots of bikes there. The big sellers here are the scooters which account for about 54% of the M/C market- starting to get like Thailand. Suzuki were displaying a 650cc scooter which has a top speed of around 200kph.
    Cheers Peter

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  11. Finally got the chance to see the dealership in Khon Kaen and actually spoke with the owner who spoke fairly good English... He said that the first one's were made in China, but now they are assembled in Thailand with Chinese parts... 1 Year "Full" (Everything) Warranty, but I would think that you would spend a lot of time during that year taking it to and from the dealership... 250cc "Chopper" styles ranged from 65,000 to 78,000 baht... They even had several "Police" models that they were hopping to sell to the City of Khon Kaen... I don't see it happening unless someone has some serious pull...

  12. I say only:
    "You get what you pay for" and "Buy the best and only cry once"....

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