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  1. After selling my plated d,tracker last year was about to give up on finding a good condition plated 250 again! untill david and tropical john pointed me up to chiang rai!.
    ok make a call to find out whats in stock,he normaly has one or two honda degrees and xr250 for sale. drive up check out a xr250 03 model with pucka plate, tax,insurance etc pop down a deposit,the guys say come back in 2 days and it will be transfered into my name!!!.
    two days later turn up with my balance! one perfectely prepared xr is there in my name, full tank of gas, tool kit ,fresh tyres etc.
    well done Seksit Chotivachira and team, you delivered and i wish you all the luck for the future. marcus
  2. just had a great day out on the xr with some of the gt boys and this litle xr is a cracker in the hills, well done st m/c for putting together such a litle ripper. thanks. m
  3. Marcus,

    I don't suppose that XR650 was still there, the one we saw on the MX weekend?

    Did we ever get to the bottom of finding out the asking price???

    ST Did seem to have good bikes, worth the small premium to know that it is a good bike, with good book, and properly turned over... congrats... now to Doi Sutep with Suzukiluke and B&T to really test her out, eh???


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