Police Checkpoints - Crackdown on Unreg Bikes?

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  1. For the first time in a year of riding daily, today I got stopped at a checkpoint. This was on the city end of Saphan Nawarat (bridge) as I came from Wororot Market and turned left onto the bridge.

    Usually, the falang on the chopper is completely ignored - wearing his helmet, and smiling... but not today! The polite policeman requested a licence check, requested insurance paperwork - all in order. He then wrote me a ticket for the missing licence plate, and instructed me to walk to the police station just 100 metres back the way I'd just come, pay the ticket, and then I could go. All fine and dandy so far...

    After waiting in the huge queue for ages, and eventually getting called up to the counter where the money was being collected, I was asked if I spoke Thai? And replied - "Pom puut parsah Thai nit noy, na kup" The guy I'm in front of said neung muan baht... (10,000) and, somewhat stunned to be told the fine was 10,000 baht, I 'misunderstood' and optimistically handed over neung pan baht (1000) with the ticket, One of the other 4 cops raking in the cash grinned in a predatory way, and demonstrated his mastery of English to his mates by telling me very clearly that it was ten thousand baht. "Pang mak mak, mai dai - mai mii, na kup" did not elicit any sympathy from any of them :)

    I was instructed to move one seat to the left, out of the queue and wait - after 15 minutes or so, it became clear I was being ignored until I solved the problem of the 9,000 baht shortfall! Mai dee!!!

    Made a Mayday call to khun David, and followed his advice to leave, and come have a coffee at the Kafe and devise another strategy... At this point, I'm still walking... and the bike is in the Police pound... but I'm hopeful that a helpful 3rd party is able to negotiate a discount on my behalf... :)

    It certainly seems from other reports that there's a definite change of policy, perhaps even a targeting of big bikes, at least in Chiang Mai. Another GT-Rider is reported to have been stung 5000 for a similar offence recently.

    If you've got to come into town and your bike's paperwork is not 100% - the advice is to avoid the usual checkpoint locations - the outer corners of the moat area, Tapae Road, and the Saphan Nawarat bridge - if you can. :)


  2. There has been a big increase in police checks and road blocks all over Thailand since the new government and police chief have come into power. I suspect it will all go back to normal again soon.
  3. Darn 5K,,, i just cam back from riding and no helmet and drive through police check point in my village 30kmh and no problems,,,, :lol:

    but resious note on that, there has been tons of check point's in Ubon area as well, so far no problems in here but if any will let every one know...
  4. Yep, it could be real serious because, O-U-C-H it was 10,000 they were / after! Not 5,000 that was paid a couple of weeks ago by another GT Rider in Cnx.
    Stay tuned. You all watch out now.
  5. Hmm, every other bike here in Mae Sot has no plate, even some of the rentals. MOST big bikes don't have one. I even spotted a big chopper on the other side of the Burma border, might be a Burmese, who knows. Falangs can't even take a pushbike across.
  6. I think is ALL over thailand similar that big bikes dont have plate,, well i think coppers found out now good way to make money,,,5K per bike,,,mine is in order and have plate and all, but i feel sorry for those who's dont aren't,,,,

    It has been nice and relaxed for so many yrs here, why now they are start this chacing? or is it temporally and maybe location selected only?
  7. I've only been asked for my driving license at check points.

    But. Wow!, B10,000! Is that written down in law somewhere or is it outright extortion?

    Do we have any defence?
  8. At the end of the day, without a plate, you are still riding a bike illegally.

    I know how every province in Thailand is more like a different country, the way they all have different laws. Surprised you guys up there have managed to get away for so long riding without a plate.

    Try that here on Phuket, and you would be broke in a week, checkpoints popping up all over the place. Interesting seeing the holiday makers getting booked for no helmet, when the helmet is either in basket or under seat.
  9. Sorry to hear that Ben :cry: So all you Guys out there Buying Un-Plated Bikes are you Listening??? It had to happen and eventually they will enforce it ( Unlike the Helmet Laws ) Having said that isn't it stupid that most of the Bikes With Grey or Black Market Plates are Illegal anyway but it is fine as Money has already been Paid somewhere along the line. You only need to get caught 3 times to Pay for a 30.000 Baht Grey Plate and save yourself the hassle, Worth considering now :wink:
  10. It seems to me logical that as the goverment is relaxing its position on allowing legal sale of larger engined bikes, and more makes are becoming available, that they may crack down on the illegal unplated ones. I think this will become more common, rather than settle down with the new goverment.
    Personally I have never felt comfortable on an unplated bike, that is not a moralistic stance, simply a concern that if one was involved in a bad accident, even if in the right on the road, one may be held guilty because of the lack of plate etc.
    That led me to pay 50K for a plate on a CBR 400, which may have been grey, but was successfully transferred to another owner, when I sold it.

    Some folks think there may be an amnesty when the police give all owners time to register the bike at a reasonable fee. That sounds like a good idea, but maybe not quite Thai style.
  11. Hi, Friends,

    Interesting reports but won't you think that wearing a helmet and having papers (book, insurance and license) is a minimum in a country where we are only Foreigners, I remind ?

    What would happen in your country of origin if such would happen to a Thai ?

    Wear your helmet (a real one and not this kind of plastic bowl), safety first and registred your bikes
  12. Any update on the OP??? Did it end up costing neung muan baht??? That is a shitload of money anywhere...

  13. After several days, finally got the bike out of the lockup - just glad I was not confined along with it! :)

    Apparently, the plethora of checkpoints have a deliberate interest in big bikes - presumably because of the potential to generate big fines :) This is said to be in preparation for the impending visit to Chiang Mai by the King's daughter - not sure if the cash is required to help fund the security issues, or pay for the refreshments at New Year... In any event, the situation is expected to continue until the end of the month.

    In my case, the intermediary was able to negotiate a significantly lesser fee. I would not fancy my chances of that occuring again, as the guy who set the 10,000 fine was not seriously NOT happy at the reduction he was required to accept. :shock: In fact, I sincerely hope he never sees me again!!! :oops:

    As espoused by the NZ Ambassador (Ian Bungy) getting registration plates arranged has significant merit... and I am considering my options - whilst NOT riding into town!

  14. Thanks for the update Ben, good to hear you are repatriated and were able to negotiate a lesser fine.

    I share your predicament and will be progressing registration for myself too as soon as 'the options' are fully understood.

    Good luck and feel free to pm me direct if you feel like sharing any option / solution avenues.

  15. Hi Friends,

    I can only reiterate my advise: registred your bike a move free of trouble (of course with some baths less) but quiete...

    The bike registration is NOT a so difficult exercise when you have understood what to do, but I don't say it's quick and amazing, paper work and right door knoking.

    Have fun
  16. I wonder what the impact will be on all of the hire bikes, or is there a difference between being unregistered and not having a licence plate (the bikes I have hired didn't have the plate, but if it isn't connected to registration, maybe they are registered)

  17. From Ubon-Sisaket-Surin

    2 men in brown check point's,, they just smile and wave to us,, no problem...
  18. Hi Yall

    Just back from 1200km-745mil 7day tour from Eastern part and small summary, 15 police check points in total for sure i was speeding atleast 3 of them, stopped 0 times, police was not even intrested on us in any of those check points, on time from Kho Chang to mail land highway 3 about 20km in from Kho Chang Cops had they speed check and i saw guy behind the handheld radar,,,i knew it was too late as i was doing 130, so i just let it go and cops where standing middle of the road in the next corner, ones we came, they walk away bacically turn they back on us,,,and that happen twice,,it felt funny to be honest...but didnt stop and complain....

    I have freind how is highway cop and after this experience i will ask him what is logic behind this....
  19. So the writing is on the wall--but now ,how exactly do I go about to get registration papers . Would not mind trying it myself ,i.o. to cut out the undoubly steepfees some shop might add to the actual cost of the procedure. Are there any members who have actually done this by themselves ,or is that not the recommended way to go about.
    I have 2 bikes ,which would benefit from a proper plate . Casual enquiries about the cost are wildly different and seem to be dream figures . What is the real world on this?
  20. In a nut shell it seems to be
    60,000 baht for the real thing & wait 6 months
    35,000 baht + for a recycled book & wait 1-2 months.
    The choice is yours.

    Any chance of some road & trip report contributions?
  21. OK ,I am game .
    What is the way to go ?
    . Where do I start ,whom do I involve in that process?
    One bike I bought from a private party , the other one from a dealer.
  22. You need to make your own decision on how much & how long you want to wait.

    If you're in Chiang Mai, we need to meet. PM me to set something up.
    I'm in town this week.

    If you're not in Cnx, difficut to advise you.
    ST in CEI does legit legal books for 60 thou. But you must have all the import invoices & paperwork.
    If you bought from a dealer, why not use them?

    What about contributing some road & trip reports though....
    I see 29 posts, mainly requests for info, going back to April 2005 but not one trip report yet.
  23. Thanks Davidfl.;

    you are correct I have slacked a bit on the report writing -will do better soon.
    One reason is certainly that I am not full time in Thailand ,as a matter of fact I am not there now (will come back Mid June) and also I concentrated mostly on offroad and trail riding in the mountains (Udon Thani area) over the past year or so .
    Now with the latest addition (Vulcan 1500 ) to the stable I will be more out on the streets again .
    Got all my maps etc in LOS ,so trip reports will be forthcoming in June .
  24. Jay, although I'm not the most avid dirt rider, I do like to get offroad a bit so would definitely be interested in offroad trip reports from the Udon area, as I'm sure would many others - don't hold back mate!



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