Possible entry into RVN later this year???

Discussion in 'Vietnam - General Discussion Forum' started by cdrw, May 12, 2007.

  1. cdrw

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    I was in Sihanoukville over Songkran, doing my annual avoid Pattaya's idiotic Songkran junket.

    I later rode to PPenh to take care of some errands and visit the guys at Adventure Moto. They were about to take a tour group to Vietnam, the following day. They said they 'had heard from another rider' of a successful entry point in the RVN.

    In a follow-up e-mail, I asked if their entry into the RVN was successful. It was not, however, in their reply they indicated that had heard that bikes [_maybe_] will be allowed into the RVN later this year. Upon receiving their e-mail, I then asked if they were informed if there will be any limits on bike (cc) size, but have yet to receive any reply. Time will tell....maybe it's just another rumor....

    Below is their reply (the spelling is not mine!):

    "yes we tried to go to vietnam but at every border crossing told us something diffrent and to try the next one down and well we did try 4 and everyone had a diffrent requirment. but we did find out that it will be a change in the laws and in july you will beable to cross with no hassel. we will try again in july. while we were in vietnam (with out the bikes and 2 days later) we talked to a few bike shops in hanoi and they tell us the same story so hopfully in july.... we will be planning a big tour next tourest season maybe cambodia/lao 15 + day tour and we would like to get as many people as possable so if ya know anyone please let them know..." jeff ....
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  3. pexa

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    while I still have some doubts about that, who knows maybe theyve realised all motorised tourists theyre turning around at their borders actually end up spending their money elsewhere.

    Would be great news, if its true.. still not buying that "cross with no hassle" part, well, even "cross with huge hassle" would do just fine for starters!!
  4. Vietnam allows import of brand new large displacement bikes, not second hand. But I did see someone rode to Vietnam from Laos with a Lao registered motorcycle. If one of you did it, please give details (corruption I guess)
  5. pexa

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    So, now that July´s passed, is there any new info about crossing into Vietnam? Anyone tried lately, with small or big bike..?
  6. Muzz

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    Waswondering the same thing myself.....
  7. HIKO

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    Ask me again in two weeks. I will make new try from Laos to Vietnam with a Yamaha Nuovo. I have some new papers to show up in the Customs.

  8. pexa

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    ok Hiko, nice to hear your making a new try.. good luck, and I hope you´ll succeed! Ive written about our previous Nouvo trip to TFMK Moottorituristi, will try to put a few magazines to come with Matti as theyre coming over shortly.

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