Rantau - Panjang Crossing Possible?

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    Pardon for starting a new thread regarding Thailand-Malaysia border crossings, but I was afraid this specific question would get lost.

    I am intending to go down to Sepang at the end of this month for the Moto GP. I was thinking to come home through the Rantau - Panjang border crossing that is listed on Wikipedia as one of the options. It crosses into Changwat Narathiwat. I'm aware of the security issues, and am prepared to take the chance if the border crossing is open.

    Anyone crossed there recently?

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    Operates 7 days a week all year round.

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    Thank you.
  4. Msian Rantau Panjang border closes at 6pm (maybe they have extended it now) .. BUT it is SAFER to travel that thai stretch during the day time. AVOID night ride at all time.

    AND during day ride, if you see a long row of military vehicles in a convoy,best you just find a place to have a coffee and let them have an hour or more head start from you...you know the reason why.

    The Sg Golok >Yala> Narathiwat> Hatyai/Songkla route is beautifully paved.

    Enjoy and keep the shiny side up.


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