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  1. O.K., I am crazy, but am willing to pay unreasonalble amount (at least by Thai Standards) for a smaller really nice Old / Antique Motorbike... Found a really nice one outside of Nong Khai, but it was a combination of about six different bikes and had no book nor plate...

    I live in Kalasin, so something from Roi Et to Khon Kaen would be best, but I am willing to travel some to find a nice looking old bike...

  2. Piano dude look at post, XL600, you will find an old bike to fullfill your old bike fetish. Happy hunting, and may your bart be spent wisely, the pain remains once the bargan has gone!!
    Scott...Old but still tick'n over...not like some.
  3. I guess I should have been a little more specific in my request... I am looking for an Old / Antique small bike that looks really sharp, as in Rebuilt, for taking my wife to the market and such, not an off road, run the hills type of bike... but Thank you for taking to the time to read and respond...

  4. Are you talking about like a restored original Honda, if so there is a club in Udon that only rides those. there is one mechanic here that is his drive to restore these old guys, He rides an ancient BMW darnedest thing I have ever seen. He would provbably be the best source that I know of, but you going to have to travel and get it across to him what you want. I think he can find it. But he does not speak one word of english.
  5. Ray,

    No problem, I don't speak English so well myself.... Just kidding,, I could have the wife speak to him if there is any way that you can get me a name and/or a phone #... I may be making a trip up thru there soon to look at the one that I found in Nong Khai, and if he has anything nice to consider I can stop off when passing thru... The Older the better and the Stranger the better... The one that I found outside of Nong Khai, my wife says that it looks so Funny that she will be laughing the whole time we ride it... Anything to keep her Laughing....

  6. Well my friend I think yuor in luck saw three Hoonda 70's today all dolled up 13 k each. Here in beautiful; downtown Udon.
  7. Ray,

    It sounds like Udon might be the place to start looking... What I would like is the Old Honda scrambler style, not the "Step Thru's" like the C70... I know a little harder to find and will cost a bit more, but I think a much better looking bike overall... and a little less "Girly" as my wife puts it (she saw one all rebuilt in Pink & White)...

    Any leads on either locations of shops and / or contact phone #'s would be greatly appreciated...

  8. Why not come to CM and have a look at these? here
  9. Wimpy,

    Thank you for the link.. The Express on their photo page would be just perfect.... I have sent them an inquiry and will look for their reply...

  10. I'll take another look wasn't clear on what you were looking for, that looks like a good site to me.
  11. Bad news they were all step through models
  12. Thanks Ray,

    It is amazing how many of the Old Step Thru's that I have been able to find in various conditions and prices, but I am holding out for the traditional "Tank between the legs" type motorcycle / bike...

  13. Here you go a tank type model

    Mr. Teerapong



    Get ready for some serious barganing hits wants 57K for it.

    He had three step throughs as well them priced at 27K

    Good Luck.
  14. Ray,

    Thank You... I am going to Bangkok this week, but will be making a trip up thru Udon to Nong Khai the following week to see another bike... I will have the wife give Mr Teerapong (I am assuming he is not Irish) a call, and try to stop and look at it... The few that I have been able to locate have all been in the 25K to 40K price range, so his should be really Special or he can keep it awhile...

    Once again, Thank You very much...


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