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  1. Plan to purchase my first Touring Bike. Having never driven one, just kept me Cruiser Bikes. Now I run a Yamaha Road Star 1600cc 2006 model.

    So I thought to hear you (preferably Yamaha but not necessarily) you would recommend to look for?
    I am used to the cruiser seating position, then what bike would you recommended?

    Do not go for a new but not older than 5 years. Want to have a solid and easy to drive bike. Price 3-400.000 bath.
  2. What is your definition of "touring bike"?
  3. Something between a sportsbike and a cruiser?
  4. Something between a sportsbike and a cruiser?
    Then hands down the best value go anywhere touring bike for Thailand and beyond has to be the Kawasaki Versys:
    Only 285k Baht brand new with 2 year warranty.
    Ride On!
  5. A bit of a no brainer I'd say: Only a Kawasaki Versys 650.
    Even I am an considering one, or a "new" back-up Africa Twin.
  6. I think the FJR is ideal for Thailand and I am sure Franz will tell you the same. Brakes are the best I have had on any bike, all day comfort, large tank, blah, blah. But in all honesty if the Versys had been available I would have bought one, as Tony and Dave have said you can't really go wrong.
  7. NorThai, if you're gonna do 1000 kms trips in one day, taking loads of stuff or a pillion with you then the money spent on a FJR is money well spent, but if you're going on 400-500 kms day tours the only good choice is a Versys. Even if you can lay your hands on a secondhand FJR, it still will be double the price of a new Kwaka. As Tubber said, FJR is comfortable especially on long runs, seating postion, brakes, torque, overall comfort and handling is perfect but cruising in traffic you should be aware that this bike has fulled up nearly 300 kgs and that's where it's getting heavy to handle. On the opposite, the Versys gives you very good comfort and good riding position and is much lighter than the FJR. Both bikes though have the advantage of being sold legally with plates, there's a service network that functions. Still the Versys is only THB 285k. Another option would be a R1200GS, there's loads of them secondhand for sale both at the dealers and on motorcycle websites, usually also pricey. Just depending on how much money you are willing to spend. Cheers, Franz
  8. That advert seems cheap, 365,000 for a 2006 FJR. I would be tempted by that. He says "somethings not perfect" I would ask him about that, in Thailand that could mean anything from a cracked indicator lens to the arse is about to fall out of the engine. You can tour on anything, last time I left CM early in the morning and saw a Honda Phantom on the highway. I was stopping every 30 minutes for a smoke and the Phantom would come bimbling past. He stayed with me to Nong Bua Lamphu where he had to stop for fuel. Must have a long tank range the Phantom?
  9. Africa Twin is the hands down best all around tour bike for SE Asia. Terrific on the highway, not afraid of a bit of dirt, and stone reliable.
  10. Agree Robert, But where to buy one nowadays & at what price? Even for me a brand new Versys appears to be an absolute winner for the price.
  11. Also have to agree on that little Versys. Was able to sit on one at the San Mateo bike show last weekend and it seems to be a well thought out machine with little downside especially at the price. Really wanted to take a test ride they were offering but the waiting list was a mile long and didn't have time. I never really considered one before, but if that parallel twin isn't too vibey and has the low-end grunt they claim, it could be my next bike. Spin a set of Pirelli MT-60-R (60% on/40% off) on there and it could handle pretty much anything thrown at it and not beat you up in the process (good suspension travel & light weight).
  12. I have a friend here in the states who has a Versys and I have ridden it many times. Great comfortable bike to ride and I can highly recommend it. Even better if it is entirely legit there.
  13. Hi Nortai. Are you selling the Roadstar or will you have two bikes?

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