Renewing 1yr Driver's License for 5 years. Procedure?

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  1. My 1 yr DL is about to expire on Oct 1st.

    I got it with a Tourist Visa and an old Cert. of Residence from my Embassy. They insisted on keeping the original CoR.

    Now I'm on a non-imm O that's been extended based on visiting wife. I don't have a WP. And don't have an original CoR anymore.

    All done at the DOLT in Bangkok (Chatujak).

    So my 1st question is when do I go back? Before or after Oct 1st?
    What will they need to renew it for 5 years, besides my non-imm O visa? Do I need to get another CoR from the embassy?

  2. You can renew it two months before it expires. I just did it last week, but I have the work permit. Anyhow, I hope this gives you some guideline. These were the documents I submitted and got the 5 year licence in 15 minutes:
    - Original 1 year driving licence and copy of it
    - Copy of passport: photo page, visa page, last stamp + the form
    - Copy of work permit: pages 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and last renewal (this one you need to replace with something)
    - Doctor certificate
    - Note that you need all the document double if you renew both car and bike licence at the same time

    I think they need the work permit for address, so since you don't have it, other option might be new letter from the embassy or a house book (farang can get their name to a yellow house book, but applying and getting that one is another story) with your name on it to show the address.

    The rules might also change fast and depend from the DLT office you visit, so let your wife check the DLT web page or call them for latest updates.
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    I've always heard you should renew your 1-year license just _after_ it has expired; if renewed before its expiration date they give you another 1-year, not a 5-year license. At least that's the way it use to be in Pattaya's L&T office; dunno if this has changed. No penalty for renewing up to a year after expiration date!

    1. Application for Driving License (can obtain @ Land & Transport office)
    2. Photocopy of Passport pages showing identity and visa/visa extension stamp; sign each copy.
    3. Photocopy of a Valid Thai Work Permit (required _only_ if you have one)
    4. Original Medical Certificate (no copies)
    5. Original Immigration Residence of Letter - (no copies: one for each license)
    6. Original 1-year drivers license(s)
    7. Fee for Car License of 605 Baht and/or Fee for Motorcycle License of 255 Baht.
    If you've renewed your passport since obtaining your current license(s), also bring your old one, as your current license will have the number of your old passport.

    If you are applying for both a car and motorcycle license, you will need a complete set of documents for _each_ application - NO photocopies of the Medical Certificate and Immigration Residence of Letter can be used for one of the two applications.
    Other will post if there's any errors in the above info.
    Take your glasses, if you need/wear them, for the eye and distance tests.
  4. Had a one year "temporary" car and motorcyle and tried to renew and get five years. Was told I needed a visa with a validity of OVER three months. I have an APEC "visa" which gives me three months. No amount of beggeing and pleading changed it. Also had to do the reflex, spatial, colour blindness and spatial tests again. What a pain. Bangkok area Land Transport office.
  5. Just to confirm my earlier post that the renewal is possible before the expiry of the one year licence - just did it last week and received my 5 year licence without any issues (in Bangkok). Also no need to take eye or reaction time tests. Just submited the papers, paid and got the new one.
  6. Thanks.

    I might get the chance to pop in tomorrow and see what they say.

    With no WP, or original Cert. of Res., or actual visa - My 90 day non-imm is on a 60 day extension, I'm not keeping my hopes up. :D

    Will be getting a new visa in Nov. anyway, and maybe a change of status so getting then is probably more likely.


    Although I wasn't expecting my first 1 yr one either as I went up there with only a Tourist Visa and a Cert. of Res. that was 18 months old. (they say it's only good for 6 months apparently.) But got it without much issue.
  7. Down south we were always told you had to wait until after the one year expired, with the logic being you have to have had a 1 year for the full year to get the 5 year, if you went to renew it before the end you got another 1 year as you had not completed your required provisional license time.

    And the 5 year you had to go before the end and it expired... Leaving it until after was a problem.

    But sounds like its changed.. Never the same rule twice !!

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