Rent A Bike For 2 In Vientiane For 3 Weeks

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  1. Hi,

    My boyfriend and I would like to rent a bike in Vientiane for a 3 weeks roadtrip around laos. Only my boyfriend will drive and we will carry one backpack.

    Friends advise us to rent a Honda transalp from Jules classic but it seems he doesn't rent bike anymore.
    I only find this website for the rental of this kind of motorbike Remote Asia Travel - Vietnam Thailand Camdodia Myanmar Laos Tours but they request we leave one passport as security insurance but i really don't like this idea.
    The others shops like Fuark only propose Honda trail 125 or alike, and i'm not quite sure it will do for two people with a packback... also I have see picture of those bikes and i doubt the passenger (aka "me") will endure several hours trip each day :)

    For information, here is the tour we plan to do
    Arrival in Vientiane on 11/01 at noon
    Vientiane > Vang vieng > Luang prabang > Nong khiaw > Muang hiam > Phonsavan > Lak xao > Thakhek > Pakse >
    Champasak > Don khong > Savannakhet > Vientiane
    Departure from Vientiane at 9.30pm on 31/01

    Does anyone have any advice on where rent a bike that will suit our needs ?

    Thanks a lot for your help

  2. Last time I was there I spent the day going around to rental shops. Every one required you to leave your passport.
  3. okey but i read a lot of thing on forum about people that came To give back the bike and were asked to pay extra money to get the passport back even if the bike didn't get any damage.

    There is also a warning against this kind of blackmail on the french government website where they advise travelers to never give passport as security insurance.

    That's why i had doubts.
  4. From their point of view ... what is to stop a tourist from wrecking one of their bikes, and jumping on the next plane out of the country ? If it was me I would want the passport or a deposit covering total bike replacement. Your other option is to buy, ride during your stay, and sell before leaving. Which carries its own complications.
  5. Hi Marianne,
    I reed about your concerns about the passport deposit when you rent a motorbike.
    I have the same concern as you. We want to rent a motorcycle in Laos, but the guy from Fuark is asking me to leave my passport. I'm in a big hesitation to do this because of all the scam problems.
    What did you decide to do a last? Did you leave your passport, and if so did you have any sort of problems?
    Best regards,
  6. Fuark has a solid reputation & is not a scam merchant.
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