Rent and ride Thailand, Laos, Camboia........???

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  1. Hey,
    My buddy and I want to rent bikes and ride (not with tour group) through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and possibly Vietnam. Anyone know of establishments in Bankok that will allow this? Or, does anyone know if it's possible to rent in Thailand and drop off at a satellite office in another country?

    - J
  2. Technically you need to be the registered owner in order to take bikes across international borders. Probably best in your case to just rent in each country sperately, or buy/register in Thailand for example then pretty easy to take into Laos and Cambodia (and back). More difficult taking bikes in/out of Vietnam unless you just do it illegally.
  3. Great link David. Is it possible for someone on a tourist visa that buys a motorbike to buy a green book for that bike? Is that more important than a license plate. I understand that the green book is needed to cross borders and, I am guessing, to apply for a carnet. Thanks in advance.

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