Renting in cambodia/crossing borders.

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    Thanks for the responses on previous questions. I'm still finalizing plans so I still have a few questons.

    I was considering using phnom penh as my base and had a few questions. I have been there before and have seen the bajas they had to rent. I also searched through the board and it seems like the bikes performed pretty well and were cheaper than in chiang mai. Question: Are there any drawbacks or has anyone had any negative experiences with regards to renting in Phnom penh?

    Also, I realize that if I have to leave my passport with them or if the bike does not have proper registration I will not be able to cross borders. Will they request that I leave my passport(I forgot the name of the shop . . but it's the most popular one)? Are the bikes properly registered? Is there an alternative arragement I can reach with them so that I wouldn't have to leave my passport?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Robert

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