Ride Monday Augut 27 th

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  1. I wanted to do this on the weekend but the weather really isn't looking to good, Monday looks like we might get a break.

    So well meet at the Jet Gas Station on the Khan Kean highway and figure it out from there. 0930
  2. Ok the ride went well, went to Ubonrat, stopped had lunch at Lucy bar, farrang food owned by a german guy. The way you find it is before you get to the Dam, tune left into town, really only one road that you can go on. It's down less the Klm on the left side, only english sign in town but small.

    Great steak and Schnitzel to be had if your not in the mood for Thai food.

    The guys name is Marcel Frost and the phone number is 087-227-6475, nice people good food.

    We then continued to the left and around the dam, beautiful counrty and new to me we usually head to Nong Bua Lampo from there. This is the opposite direction. Not exactly sure how we did it but we ended up 100 Klms the other side of Nong Bua Lampo, so a good day ride back here at 4:30 P.M. This another trip you could take in a car but I would say to take it easy. Only really tricky part is you go through a village an abouts ten Klms out there is a drainage ditch that goes across the road, paved but no bridge and it fairly deep and narrow had to angle across it. so if you have a car that rides low you could get high centered if your not careful. Take that to a T intersection go right, this will eventually take you back to a main highway that goes to Khan kean not #2. Yuo got to go left make and a U turn and follow the signs to Nun Bua Lampho.

    The only humorus thing that happened was we were getting gas in the middle of no where and the guy pumping the gas was mute. Gestured he wanted a smoke, no problem I enjoy sharing death The he started gesturing suai mak puying and pointed across the street, kind of left me with the impression it was the local cat house. Which appered to be finely stocked as he was very emphatic. So I mustered up my best Thai and explained I was married and could not, this didn't slow him down a bit. I then pointed to wife explaining who she was , didn't phase him a bit.

    That was a first for me talk about a full service gas station

    I have sketchy inforamtion about the ride Friday at this point. It is to Korat some sort off Charity event. A famous Thai singre not Caribou i suppoed to perfrm. It will be an overnighter.

    Seven of the Eagle riders are meeting at the Jet Gas station on the Khan Kean Highway at 11:30 A.M. probably more like 12:00 LOL Also as I understand it some Harley guys as well. the ride up togaether supposed to being staying at a resort, don't know whcih one yet or the costs. They are supposed to get back to me on that. If anyone has an io interest let me know and I will try to follow up and find out a much as I can.

    Not sure I will be going Friday is a school day for me, so maybe maybe not. LOL


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