Ride Report 1st March from Khon Kaen

Sep 4, 2007
3 Riders met up at the Shell Garage on the 209 in Khon Kaen. George on his XJR1300, Harri on a VFR800 and my FJR1300.

The day was fine overcast and pleasantly cool.
Along the bypass, the 2391 and then quiet roads past Wat Phra That Kaem Kaen, said to contain the revered bones of an old monk, but not of suffient interest to us to stop. A good open back road with one or two potholes led to Kranuan and the resort Castle Howchow.

As Harri had come up from Korat and George from Chumpae, coffee turned into early lunch.

The place has a great swimming pool using salt water, as the owner thinks it is better for health. Also a real sand beach surrounding the pool


As we were passing within 2km of the King Cobra Village, we detoured to have a look.

As motor bike riders Lor Mak, we were instantly picked up by 3 'young' ladies and escorted around the animal cages including King Cobra, Crocodiles and even a bear.

People were gathering for the show

But we decided to move on, in case our escorts got the idea we were all ready to propose marriage.
Then onto 2039, a road full of sugar cane lorries, needing care to get past, as they mostly seem to be overloaded and unstable,

Left on the dual carriageway, under the underpass for a U turn and an early left on a very pleasant road to Ubonrat reservoir. Up to the dam, great views and second lunch for some at the very reasonable restaurant.


Passing the prominent big Bhuddha image on the hill we set off down the side of the reservoir on a recently resurfaced road, (once by the road authority, and a second time by cows and buffalo). This road offers great scenery, a good if aromatic surface, not much motor traffic and great bends, it can be enjoyed for the technical aspects at some speed or at leisure for the views. We mixed it up a bit and enjoyed the ride.
At a T junction George peeled off back to Chumpae and Harri and I
did a few Km to Bang Fang on No 2 Highway and then crossed over to pick up the 2017 to Mancha Khiri, this is an open quiet road, good surface, but passes through a few small villages.
Onto the quick 2062 to Chonnabot and Ban Phai.
Across No 2 onto 23 for a few km and then left up the 2300. This is great countryside, a few sugar lorries, but not much other traffic, open views and some great straight switchback sections. Those who think Issan is all flat and uninteresting shouild try some of these roads.
Left on the 208 and then right onto some of my local back roads into Khon Kaen. Harri was in need of topping up before setting of back down to Korat, so in to one of the cafe bars near Sophitel.
A good end to a pleasant days ride, circling Khon Kaen without using the main highways.

Sep 4, 2007
Hi Ian, Web site below. I have met the English owner and his Thai missus, nice folks, but I am not on commission for advertising the place (yet). Let me know when you are down and I will lead you to it, (if you can keep up that is) lol


Oct 15, 2006
Khuang Nai
That is one nice resort and almost middle of the now where,,,godda drop there some day as well, we love those hidden resort's