Ride report January 16 2008, Alternate Khan Kean Udon


Oct 14, 2005
This started out as ride to Khan Kean via Rt2 about as boring as they get, but the Big Mac was worth it :wink:

We wanted go figure out somehting more interesting for the return, John from Khan Kean obliged.

So here is the return to Udon Via Kumpapwapi.

From Khan Kean 209 to Kallasin

Left turn on 2152 to Chang Yuen

This is a great road, good pavement and just enough curves to keep you awake. We ran across a site where they are in the porcess of building a large gold Budha on the side of the road. They got more courage then me I dont think I would climb that high on what they use for scaffoling.

Then 2131 I beleive about 25 Klms after the budha you make a left bit confusing as the signs are in Thai and either stiaght or turn left look like a continuation of the road. It's 3.6 Klms past Kut Chick.

At Gruenvern ( spelling ?) you come to the main street you make a left and then an immdeiate roihgt turn at the light, then you will see the signs Kumpawapi. your now on 2131.

Continue on to 2023 to Kumpawapi the signs are in english.

You actually have two choices at this point continue of to Rt 2 make a right and head back into Udon, it was getting late so that was what we did. Or you can make a right turn at the sign for Nong Han, you will cross the 22 and be in Nong Han. Continue on straight and you will see sign for a left turn to Udon. Comnes out by the Global House on Ring road much nicer ride.

John had a GPS unit, the turn that is hard to find will make a believer of you. The wife saw the turn sign it was in Thai, but she really didn't feel good so she said something but then thought she was wrong, so we went straight. Like I know what a sign in Thai says :roll:

John pulled out the GPS looked for alternatives found that we needed to return and make the turn, problem solved.

These are excellent roads if there were pot holes I didn't see any and usually I'm real good at finding them. I felt comfortable in running A 100 on it so you know it's got to be good. Very Scenic and a great alternate route to Hwy 2 for Khan Kean to Udon. Nice curves Ect

Someday I will spend a day riding back through the area and stopping off at villages great area.

Total distance Khan Ken to Udon 184 Klms using the route we went More like 200 plus if you go through Nong Han