Ride Saturday 9-6-2008 from Udon Petchabun Bike week

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  1. Change of location it will now be in Bueng Samphan

    For GPs folk aprrox.

    Lonitude 101 Degrees 0 min. 21.4 seconds

    Latitude 15 degrees 47 mins. 50.6 seconds

    For poor Folks LOL

    On Hwy 21 3.81 Klms south of Hwy 225

    The group will meet at 0900 At the Caltex Station on Nung Bua Lampho Highway.

    Lucky has the contact info on Hotels.

    This is scheduled as an overnight event. But it is not a long ride.
  2. I just signed on as a new member about 30 minutes ago, so if I'm askin g the right question in the wrong place, please inform me.

    I'm new to Thailand as of Feb. this year. I live in Don Mong which is 31 km west of KK and 51 km east of Chum Phae on rt. 12. This is the "Nong Rua" district. I'd like to find others to ride with, and also would like to attend bike weeks and weekends such as the "Udon Petchabun Bike Week" and the "Black Devil Party "in Chonburi. I believe both of these places are N/N.W. of me. How far to these rides and is there anyone near me I could hook up with for the ride there? I have an '03 Steed 400cc.

    And, I'm an "Old Git" too. :lol: :lol:

  3. If I were you I would let everyone know who you are in the the general area. We are in Udon and use a ride list here to notify everyone rides as well as posting it. Thee is a anoher ride list in Khon Kean primarily fast riders, that one is is done by John Gooding.

    Your are more then Welcome to go on any rides with us. But mos of our rides will start and end in Udon, doesn't mean you can't meet up with us if you one looks good to you and we are close to your area.

    Someone from the list a a norm will be going to Bike Weeks, The one yuo poke of Back? never heard of tha one might want to pos it in the events section and more them likley you will find someone going to it. But, you need the when and where. I think we only show three weekends from now to mid December wihout bike weeks,

    I'm sure there are Thai group in yuor area, but I don't know who they are. I have to say they find thing we never think about I always look forward to ride with them.

    If you want to go to Petchabun and go with the guys here, let me know I an I will find you a decent room here for Friday and show you where to meet the guys. I won't be going on this one

    But you may find people closer to you there.

    Hope that helps
  4. Hi ay, and thanks for your reply. following is the info I got when I "Googled" "Thailand Bike Weeks", and its the 2nd listing. It was posted at "Thaivisa.com", and by LOL it appears to be you, a Ray 23.

    I will try to find a general area to post my interest in finding local riders. If no response, then I will let you know about the phetchabun run.


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    As posted and translated in Ride Thailand Magazine
    ( little additional input as well)

    September 6& 7th Big Bike Party Phedcahbun

    Septemebr 14Th Jesters Charity ride Pattaya

    October 4 Nonthaburi Bike Week Nonthburi (BKK)

    October 11Th Black Devil Group Chonburi

    October 18th Navanakon Group Lopburi

    October 25th Joker Highway Unknown

    November 1 Indian Group Sachengsao

    November 1 Thailand Bike Night Unknown

    November 1 & 2 My way Party Sopanburi

    November 8th Infinity Riders Phedchabun

    Same date Nakan Sawaan Bike week Nakna Sawaan

    Nevember18th Chairity Toy Rode to Chaing Dao Unkown

    November 22 Aayuttya Bike Week Aayuttaya

    November 28th Lampang Bike week Lampang

    November 29th Bang Saeng Bike week Bang Saeng

    December 4th Lampang Bike Week Lampang
    ( another source say the 12th got me LOL )

    December 6 th Hua Hin Bike Week Hua Hin

    Chaing Mai Bike Week Chaing Mai

    Same weekend
    Sankon Nakhon Bike week Sankhon Nakhon

    December 8TH Chaing Rai Bike Night Chaing Rai

    December 13th Saraburi Bike Week Saraburi

    WARNING: This is a close as I can get, things can be wrong if you see something that is wrong let me know and I will change it, if you know of other events let me know and I’ll change it. In the computer so no big deal


    P.S. You will see the "Black Devil Group" event on Oct. 11th.
  5. I think the palce to post would be any topic.

    Hey I just just write them I don;t read Um :lol: :wink:
  6. LOL... Well, as long as we can read them, then its a job well done on your part...LOL

    Thanks for the advise. I put a message in "any topic" on GT rider.com and also the KK.com forum.

    Thanks again;


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