Ride Saturday January 19th from Udon Maha Chedi Chai Mongkol

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    Those wanting to ride with the slower riders or wanting to ride with us until we meet with the faster group meet at the Jet Gas Station on the Khan Kean Highway at 0800. We will then met up wiht the other riders in Khan Kean, so either location is a good start point

    What is going to make this ride very unique is that, it should have aspects that will please fast and conservative riders, alike. So you can take your pick to what fits your style.

    John did a lot of work putting this together even preriding parts of it, supplying gps waypoints. This is first one so I hope as many as can support his efforts. This is also the first ride really originating in Khan Kean so a good chance for riders in that area to meet other riders.

    Ride to Phra Maha Chedi Chai Mongkol in Roi Et Province
    Long 104.31942 Lat 16.32882

    Leaving Khon Kaen From Shell Garage on Sri Chan Road (Kalasin road) 209 heading East.
    Long 102.8740 Lat 16.42759

    Directions to Shell Garage Khon Kaen.
    From Udon heading South on 2, go to junction with 209 and 12 (The Right turn on 12 goes to airport and Chumpae, but we turn left).
    Turn left at this junction, onto Pracha Samoson Road No 209 signposted Chiang Yuen /Kalasin.
    Stay on this road until it joins Sri Chan road, also called 209. Turn left, still signposted Chiang Yuen 209
    Meet at Shell station on left after 400M.

    The ride to the Chedi is around 180 km of mixed, fast and interesting roads, all on Tarmac.
    The Chedi is situated in a large park and is a few minutes walk uphill from the CarPark. The area has many eating places and craft stalls etc. It is anticipated that 1 to 2 hours is spent here. This is partly because it is an interesting place, but also as it is our first ride together, gives a chance to get to know other riders a bit, and also maybe a chance for B group to join, see below.

    There are a number of alternative( fast and straight, or more interesting) routes back to Khon Kaen, however it is likely that Ray 23 and some of the B group guys from Udon may join in part of the ride and may spend the night in Roi Et, travelling back on Sunday. The sports group riders may do the same or travel back the same day.
    The options for return travel can be discussed over lunch at the Chedi.
    Roads used include:
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    There is a group leaving from Udon on the 19th from Udon at the Jet Gas station at 0800 to meet with guys in Khan Kean. Everybody is welcome.
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    So far it looks like we have five riders for this. Three for the fast group and two for the older who plan on getting even older slow group :lol:

    Actually age has got nothing do with it, the oldest rider will be with the fast group, just thought it was funny :twisted:

    By the way before you count out this old guy ( 67 I believe) he just did Chaing Mai to Udon in eight and half hours, thats moving right along.

    We have made resevations at the Mai Thai Hotel in Rio Et for Saturday night the 29th, room cost without breakfast 420 baht. 043-511136

    Come on guys join us this is a rare opportunity to meet riders that ride in either style that you can enjoy.
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    If you can get someone to take some pix, email them to me & I will upload them for you guys!
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    Good idea, cheap charlie ( me ) finally bought a camera :lol:

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