Ride Saturday June 14Th from Udon

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  1. A group of guys will meet at the PTT Gas station on the Khan Kean highway at 1000 hours adn will go to Lucy's at Ubonrot Damn for luch.

    For guys out of the area we should be at Lucy's arouind 12oo Hio ours, some guys are coming up from Khan H Kean and the Wg hite devils have comitted to seeing all of us there.

    Secondly my computer has eaten my ride list, so if yuo want on it and didn't receive an e-mail. I tried to rebuild the list but hey old age you know. Just PM me with a email address and I will put you back on the list or add you whatever you get the idea.
  2. Yep, you've got the title now Ray and it's good to see you living up to it.

    Might want to put this post where it belongs, and I mean that in the most polite way possible. :lol:
  3. Ok where would that be? :lol:

    I've illiminated one possibilty already :shock:
  4. I think you wanted to post it on Esarn?

    It's a bit of a trek for us Eastern boys to get to Khon Kaen.
  5. Thanks Dougal yep sure fit the Old Git :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I'll re post if I can remember this :cry:

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