Ride Sunday the 14 th from Udon

Discussion in 'North-East Thailand - General Discussion Forum' started by ray23, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. Meet at the Caltex gas station on Nung Bua Lampho highway 0900

    Heading up to Loie and Phuruea.
  2. Hi Ray,
    I will join you on this one at Nong Bua Lamphu. Guess if you leave at 9.15, you will be at NBL by 9.45i to 10.00ish. I will find a convenient fuel station or something where I can see you passing. Just checked Thinknet, second station on the left, just after the 228 turn, is Esso. I will be there.
    I think even my lucky waterproofs will not stop a bit of rain on this one, but nice countryside.
  3. I won;t be going on this one. But, I will pass it on to Dil
  4. Hi Ray and Dill,
    Just heard that David may not go on this one and I may be riding with him on Monday, so i will probably not make the Sunday ride.
    If I decide to come, I will find you, if not have a great ride. John

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