Riding Accidentm, Vooommmm Skid Ouch

Jul 18, 2006
Vooommmm Skid Ouch was the Order of the day.

Hi All,

After I left Rayong with my new Visa and Bike entry papers, I did about 60k and then it started to get wet, so I pulled over and donned my rain kit.

The winds picking up so I think right at the next bus shelt thing I'm pulling in for a brew, so off I go. It's raining it's windy and I'm still new to the whole riding thing so I'm taking it nice and slow about 50k. Bikes got great tyres on so grips good, kits balanced well on the back, I'm not tired hungry or wet and as it's only been 60k or so I'm wide awake.

There's a blind right hand corner approaching so I let out a handful of gas even the bikes weight up on the entry to the corner and I'm well LEFT.


I start to take the corner leaning a little over when along comes this filthy huge freaking truck on my side of the road, hey no problems I'm well left going slow lights on, so I lean a little more over and I know I'm going to make it with about a meter to spare.

When fate points it's boney finger at me and says it's your turn monkey boy. The shitty old flithy smelly trucks got a flappy rear tarp just as I'm about to go by, it comes away and about 4 feet of it goes right under my bike.

I don't have time to do anything the tarp finds my chain and my rear sprocket thingy, and decides it wants to cling to my ride. The next thing I knew I was pulled abruptly to the right thw weight of my bike me and my kit rips the tarp, I'm now on my right side doing a wet road slide for the next 25 meters.

My leg is pinned and I feel it POP, opps. The bike comes to rest and my first thought is what was behind so I kick out at the bike to free my pinned leg, it hurts but the bike comes away, I roll military style and roll and roll. I feel something floppy but dont care to look, I manage to find safe ground at the roadside. So I take a second to look down, my leg pointing in a strangly wrong direction hmmm that's not good.

SO I try to make it straigh and almost shit my pants, then I know I'm screwed, so I manage to stand to wave at the passing traffic. 1 car 2 cars 3 cars 4 cars all go by and so does 4 minutes before a Great Thai man stops for me.

So there's me waving and flopping about shouting choi doi
(help me) once the guys stopped he kind of stands there brain freezed on him I think. Well then some more nice Thai's stop and they all wait for a bit, WTF I'm thinking why aint they helping me?
Jul 18, 2006
So after about 3 minutes they start to come over and look at the bike, not me the bike and start poking at my kit. The hell with this I think and hop over, I manage to explain whats happened and one of them calls the cops. They came really quickly took them about 2 minutes to get there, so the police get me to hubble off to a truck and sit in the back, while they get my kit and put it in the back with me, not their truck the nice Thai that stopped for me.

One explains that they will take care of my ride and off we go to Kuraburi Hospital 12k later and we are there. Well the A&E staff aren't to good so I manage to cut my own rainkit off slide out of my boot and get out of my pants before they come over.

They start to prod and poke but I'm not having none of that my Mums a nurse so I call her, and explain about my leg. She says that's it's dislocated and needs resetting, so after another 5 minutes the girls get the idea and manage to pop my leg back into place on the 3rd attempt.

The Doctor comes around about an hour after I get there, and says xray needed. Off we go to xray, 10 minutes later we see that I've also broken my knee so I call Mum again and explain what's going on, she tells me to make them wait before fitting a cast as swelling increases for a few days.

So then I'm admitted, the ward staff are BLODDY great the best bunch of people I've ever met. They got me undressed washed put into bed and stuffed for of pain killers as quick as a flash.
Jul 18, 2006
So 3 Days later I get my plaster put on Toes to Hip and hell I think Im going to be stuck here of a month while I heal. So a quick chat with the staff and the police (who couldnt find the driver) and I'm off to Puket in the back of a truck with my kit and bike for an 180km ride, we get there unload, find a nice place to stay, and I pay the driver.

Well it's now the 19th I'm sore but in Patong I've found a great internet cafe sitting here with a brew and my ipod, life isn't that bad when you slide down the road.

Here's a great big thank you hug to ALL the staff at the Hospital, the Police, the Cabbie and the people that helped the Crazy Hurt Farang.

A bigger thank you goes to O'neil for making my boots Answer for making my Pants My body armor Helmet Pads and Bark busters saved me from road rash crushed hands and smashed brains. So being hot and sweating is a good thing as long as your well protected on the roads of Thailand.

Stay Safe and remeber to put the lid on at all times.


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Sorry to hear about your little mishap - that's an amazing story & you're a lucky man as it could have been a lot worse.
Have not heard any reports about standards at the Kuraburi hospital, but if it was me I'd be inclined to get a 2nd opinion on the knee at a good private hospital in Phuket, asap.
I hope it all works out as well & you are riding again soon.
I bet the nurses were also a bit alright too...
Get well soon.

Keep The Power On
Jun 21, 2006
Hey Juddadredd

if I can help at all, or if you just want to have a chat give us a call 087 418 1227

I live in Ao Chalong


Jul 18, 2006
Cheers guys, I'm sore the leg swole up last night and the toes went blue. So Ive had to have the plaster off and now have loads of bandages instead. Phuket Hospital said I have to wait two-three days like this before they will xray the leg again, to see if there's tendon damage. But I've got a special super secret plan to go sit on the beach for an hour later on, with the help of 3 young Thailadies in the apartment where I'm staying.
Nov 14, 2004
Judd'os, sorry to hear that you bought the farm!!, slid'n down the road in any country is'nt fun. find some sweet thang to nuture you, bath you an help you drink some "Mekong" that'll kill any bugs before it kills you.


Sep 17, 2006
Sounds like you may be needing a highway peg on one side of your bike for a while.

Be cool, have a beer, get well soon.