Riding from Khon Kaen to Sakon Nakhon Sat 26th

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  1. johngooding

    johngooding Ol'Timer

    Embarrassed that Esarn has not managed any posts in April, so here goes.
    George and I are meeting up at the Shell Garage on the 209 at 10.00am Saturday 26th April and riding through Kalasin to Sakon Nakhon. We are meeting up with Jim and will ride in his area in the afternoon, overnight arrangements or return to KK will be decided later in the day.
    Anyone interested in joining please give me a ring before 11pm tonight and I will supply any other details.
    John Gooding
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  3. Marco

    Marco Ol'Timer


    Im with you guys in spirit of riding,,,, 8)

    Did you got your saddle bags installed already?

  4. johngooding

    johngooding Ol'Timer

    Hi Marco,
    Sorry to hear that you got called back to work, but nice to be needed!!.
    Yes the Yamaha is now the proud wearer of two Yamaha Panniers in black. Looks very smart.
    Look forward to hearing when you are back.
  5. tahaan

    tahaan Active Member


    I'm glad you posted this. I'll be bringing a mate from Chumphae who's asked to come. He's got panniers so I don't have to carry a pack. :)

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