Riding in Borneo, Sabah

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  1. Much has been said about Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. However we have not seen anything about Borneo. We have shipped our Malaysian registered bikes from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

    Foreigners on motobikes seem to be are rare site here. Many have given us a tumbs up. The major roads are paved but the trill starts when you leave the coast to go inland in the more mountanous areas. The roads and scenary realy feels like Laos but without gaz bottles solde on the side road (so bring a jerry can). However the living standard are much higher and English is more commonly spoken.

    We also take great pleasure in trying local exotic fruits some we have never seen in our travels in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Sri Lanka.

    We hope some of you will join us.
  2. goasia888

    who did you use to ship your bike over to Sabah with?

    My friend and I are in KL now and will be taking our Cambodian registered Suzi DR650 bikes over to Kuching in about a months time (I have to fly RTW for work for 3 weeks in the interim)

    We want to ride down to JB and either fly or ship them from there however comming back to KL is not a big problem

    The trouble we are having at the moment is finding a suitable freight forwarding agent or similar to help us so any name of your shipper/agent would be a big help

  3. We used a freight shipping company linked with a shipping company which was based in Kota Kinabalu. I know they can also ship to Kuching. They also arrange from the custom clearance.

    ECX Container Line (M) Sdn Bhd
    No. 2, Jln Beremban 15/12,
    Seksyen 15, 40200 Shah Alam,
    Phone: 03-5519 1818

    You can bring your bikes to their warehouse in Port Klang. They also can crate them for you at a cost.

    We also tried to ship from JB but we were told that it was not possible. Shipping from Singapore may be possible but you have to deal with the addtional custom clearance.
    Good luck
  4. Thanks heaps for that goasia888

    BTW I did respond to your queries you emailed me in December but the email addy bounced back

    If you still require the info then PM me and I will reply again

    thanks again

  5. Since I don't want to choke to death from all the smoke in CM and would actually like to see a mountain, I'm bailing out on the triangle this time and going to Sabah early (Mar.18th). Question is can a foreigner rent a decent bike there? And if so, worthwhile and reasonably sane? Bringing all my own gear, so don't need any of that. Thanks in advance.
  6. I took my bike to Borneo three years ago from KL. Had a great time.
    Here is the link to the trip.
    Never dealt with a shipper at all. Took the bike direct to Malaysia Airlines Cargo right at the KL airport. Drained the fuel, disconnected teh battery, and that was it. They strap it down on a aluminum pallet, and off it goes. No muss no fuss. Then cab over to the passenger teriminal and fly to Kuching. Then pick up the bike the next day in Kuching. Was a piece of cake. Seems the less I deal with forwarding agents the less trouble I have......
  7. We were told that in KK it is not possible to rent motobikes. We say however at the travel agency a packages tour organised by a former motocross racer (quite expense(.

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