Riding into Myanmar at Tackilek! (Update from Alan Pratt)

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  1. Riding into Myanmar at Tackilek!

    I am at Mae Sai now 11am 15th August,

    I am told by Thai immigration and customs officers on the border control point that you cannot ride a motorcycle through the border through Tackilek and ride through to Mae Sot as there is issues in Myanmar!

    You can ride through into Tackilek and ride a 5km radius and return to Thailand through same border.

    The charges are 10 USD for rider and 10 USD for bike. The bike must be registered in the name of the rider!
    If registered in gf name for example is OK if she is riding pillion!!

    When I passed into Myanmar the officers there said as long as all paperwork is done in Thailand you can ride through and out at Mae Sot border!

    But Thai immigration will not give permission.

    The pass the Thai side gives you is expecting you to come back through Tackilek border!!
    So maybe a problem if you do ride through!! Then try and re enter in Mae sot!!


  2. The road between Kengtung and Taunggyi is closed to foreigners so you currently can not ride through to Mae Sot.
  3. any news on borders opening today? any news on bikes
  4. Hi everybody,

    I'm researching riding my bike through Myanmar along the following route:
    Tachilek, Kengtung, Taunggyi, Mandalay, Bagan, Bago, Mae Sot.

    Does anybody have any update on getting into Myanmar at Tachilek, touring around and existing at another border point?

    Thank you, I appreciate any feedback.
  5. An update & report here

    So despite all the hype & to cut straight to the mustard:

    You CANNOT just rock up at the border, get a one month visa on arrival & then ride off to wherever you please.

    On the land border will just get a local stamp in & immigration retain your passport at the bridge.
    You can't go anywhere - the travel restrictions for motorbikes are still the same.

    If you fly in you can get a one month visa on arrival.

    So for a bike
    1. You need a one month issued from a Myanmar embassy
    2. You need an approved route & package with a legal registered tour company that must be approved in ADVANCE by Hotels & Tourism Ministry in the in Naypyidaw, the capital.

    And if you're entering at Tachilek you can only go to Kentung.
    In the area between Kentung & Taunggyi (the Shan capital) they are still fighting & this is a restricted NO GO area.

    In summary not a great deal has changed.
  6. Thank you for this accurate information – much appreciated.

    I’m riding from Dubai to Australia and would really like to see Burma on my way but it seems difficult to do on your own bike.
    Do any of the local riders in SEA visit Burma on their own bikes or is it only practical to visit the country as part of an organised tour? Is it possible to ride your own bike (even if you join a tour group), or is riding a foreign registered bike in the country prohibited / impossible?

    Thanks again
  7. An example of the fluid ongoing situation in some states in Northern Myanmar.
    The War in Kachin State.

  8. you can go the boarder mea sot through madalay/tachilik with torism n escot by their police
    NO Freedom into Mymar..uhhh

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