Riding Sat 6th Sept. Khon Kaen to Khorat Yamaha and Khao Yai

Sep 4, 2007
Saturday 6th September, KK to Khorat and Kao Yai
I will be leaving Khon Kaen about 7.30am, intending to reach the Yamaha shop in Khorat around 9am, meeting up with Khun Noi and Khun Nop and Khun Go, who ride R6 and 2 R1 Yamaha’s. We are then going to Khao Yai National park. I will be taking kit to stay the night, if the Khorat guys want to stay in one of the park resorts, that will be fine, if they wish to go back to Khorat, I will be finding a room in Khorat and then making my way back to KK on Sunday using some of the smaller roads, (on road).
The Saturday riding is likely to be quite speedy, maybe a more relaxed Sunday ride.
I anyone is interested in joining please let me know by email, or telephone: 0831501035 before Saturday.