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Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by tgaven, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. tgaven

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    Can anyone advise on good roads down the West side from Chiang Mai. I am thinking of riding down through Kanchanaburi to Hua Hin. Then maybe across to the other side, up through Udon Thani and back to Chaing Mai. Does anyone know of good roads, towns, scenery, etc?
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  3. tgaven

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    Thanks a lot, Captain Slash. I was up until 3am this morning, surfing around your site - fantastic. At the risk of being a pain, could you have a look at the following itinerary and tell me what you think? I'm mostly looking for good riding roads (avoiding highways) and good places to stay with some nightlife.

    So this is what I'm thinking: Chiang Mai - Mae Hong Son - Mae Sariang - Mae Sot - Kanchanaburi - Hua Hin - Kanchanaburi - Nakhon Sawan - Phetchabun - Khon Kaen - Udon Thani - Uttaradit - Nan -Chiang Mai.

    There will be some rest days in there. I'm thinking a couple of days in Hua Hin and/0r Kanchanaburi. Also. I think I've heard there are some good rides out of Kanchanaburi and back.

    I'd really appreciate your thoughts and advice or different routes you would take. Basically I have 2 weeks and I just want good riding, nice scenery and good, fun places to stay. Last year I did Nan - Loei - Udon Thani - Surin and back, so I don't really have to do the East side again if it's better to stay down the West.

    Thanks again.
  4. Moto-Rex

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    Gday tgaven

    I did a similar trip to one your planning last year, except Kanchanaburi was a far south as I went.
    The ride from Mae Hong Son to Mae Sot and onto Tak great. But from Tak to Kanchanaburi it was a little less exciting, as those long flat roads are not much fun on a KLX.
    From Kanchanaburi I rode up to the three pagodas pass and stayed in the town of Sangkhlaburi for a night. The town and the pass ain’t much, but its one of those places that I always wanted to see, and I’m glad I went there.
    Kanchanaburi is good place to put your tourist hat on, looking at all the sites, is a fascinating and sombre experience.

    If your got time I would try to go a little further east as I did in this report below.


    Cheers Moto-Rex
  5. tgaven

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    Thanks, Captain. I think it's only a couple of hours from Kanchanaburi to Hua Hin. I'm thinking that will be a good place for some R&R on the beach??

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