Riding the 211 with a Loy Kratong bonus in Sangkhom.

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    G'day All,

    After a fantastic GT-Rider memorial ride....
    It was time to head off to my favourite resort and good friends Gerrie and Koi..
    Also one more Brian in the village will make the 3 Brian's 1% of the village population.. Not bad for in the sticks.

    Left nice and early after getting back from Mae Hong Son...
    Didn't stop for any pics until making it to the 211.. One of my favourite roads to ride along..

    A link to the lovely resort here... Head ups.. with in a month.
    Brian will have two KLX 150 L's for rent.. So if you want to take the family in the car and ride the road or explore the trails..
    You can grab a couple of bikes for the day..


    A few snaps of the 211 on the way to Banmaerimkhong.

    In Chiang Khan looking over to Xanakham Laos.

    Some of the scenery along this road that makes me keep coming back.
    All checked in at Banmaerimkhong.


    The end of another great road trip to Sangkhom.

  2. Some Great Photos! A Beautiful Spot!
  3. Now that looks like en enjoyable traditional Loy Krathong alright.
    Plenty of fresh air, fish PLUS a ride along R211 beside the Khong.
    That temple on the hill certainly has a magnificent view of the Mekong too eh - & I wish I could remember the damn name too, Ive been up there a couple of times now, but still can't remember. Damn! (Javawa probably knows.)
  4. Wat Pha Tak Sue


  5. Here is a screen shot from the temple with Google Earth.
    The blue dot is the location I am standing.


    Attached files 302613=20802-Screenshot_2014-11-06-16-50-50.jpg
  6. Thanks Auke
    That's enabled me to find my pics from that temple






  7. Hi Brian, How are the road conditions between Chiang Khan and Nong Khai? Are they worth doing with a big cruiser two up or are they too rough? Thanks for any info...Brian
  8. I want to know because I know going the other way from Chiang Khan to the South West the road was horrible or should I say great for a dirt bike but for my 1500 Vulcan...miserable!
  9. Hi There,

    Chiang Khan to Nong Khai is like a super highway compared to the road west out of Chiang Khan.

    There are some rough isn bits.. No drama at all on the Versys...

    I would do it. 90% of the road is in excellent repair.

    Hope that helps

  10. Gday there, do you know what the road is like from Pha Tak Suea down to Phu Phrabat and Nong Bua Lamphu. Penciled it in for part of an upcoming ride Chiang Khan. Also whats the road like heading west from CK on the 2195.
  11. Not sure on the other roads you mentioned as went east towards Nong Khai.

    The 2195 is very rough.. All torn up by the trucks.. I would avoid it and go down to Loei.
    Unless you are on a dirt bike that can soak up the potholes.

    Stuck my nose in on the Versys from the Chiang Khan section a year back and soon got off it and headed towards the main road.
    Not enjoyable at all.

  12. G'day All,

    Rode the 211 with Moto-Rex today..

    Having a few days R&R at my favourite resort on the Mekong.
    Partly B'day break and catch up on some things.

    Moto Rex was in Nong Khai and joined plus the lovely people at Banmai Rimkhong.
    Great party last night and a few funny pictures to share when I can get them off my phone..

    A few snaps from the ride today.

    Moto-Rex tearing it up.

    Lovely views from the 211





    Not many school kids have a soccer pitch right next to the Khong.


  13. I had just finished a ride in Laos, and needed a bit of R&R, so when Brian told me he was heading to Banmaerimkhong resort in Sang Khom for a cold beer by the Mekong to celebrate he’s birthday, I decided to join him.

    Plan was to have a few beers, then the next day take a ride to Chiang Kham and back.


    The gods were kind, giving us a great setting for sunset beers by the Mekong.

    Sunset beers soon turned into happy birthday Brian beers...Those beers went well into the night.

    The great people at Banmaerimkhong put on a tasty BBQ, with the best pork ribs I’ve ever eaten.


    The party worked out great, and a good time was had by all.

    Next morning after a late start, we jumped on the bikes, and followed the road, that follows the Mekong to Chiang Kham and back. Ive always loved this ride.

    Hasta la vista baby


    All in all, a nice few days by the mighty Mekong, with great people, tasty food, good riding, and cold Beer Lao. It doesn’t get much better.

  14. It certainly was a great night.

    Thanks for coming down and enjoying a great evening.

    Big thanks for Banmai Rimkhong too...

    Moto-Groover did make an appearance on this evening..




    Some of the BMRK crowd



    As well as being Chief Groover.. Rex was also the designated Bar Manager this evening



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