Road condition Vieng Phou Kha-Long

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  1. How is the trail during dry season?
  2. Have a look at ... 08DAA.html to see how it is in the dry season.
  3. Thanks AUKE,
    I think I'llgo to Chiengkok round LNT and M.Singh like idid last year
    though this time i wont be alone.But i am 68 and don't want to spoil
    my son's holidays by overdoing!
    Any info of road condition between Sam Soun(route 1 C)20 KM south of
    Vieng kham(2 good guest-houses )and LPQ through Pak Xeng?
    Sok Dee.
  4. Chiang Khong (Chiangkok ?) to LNT is now more or less all asphaht so should not cause any problem. Sam Soun to LPQ via Pak Xeng should also not be a problem as "Big and Tall" did this last week 2-up in the opposite direction. For more information have a look at the posting "The Muppets get Spanked in Laos" by Big and Tall.

  5. I mean XIENG KOK,22Km West of LONG.A pleasant and fast trail along a river from muang Singh.Now a friendly GH overlooking the Mekong.
    You can make the return trip the same day from LNT.But better sleep there and watch the numerous chinese barges going to chiengsaen.
    Next Feb i'll go down the Mekong from JINGHONG(Yunnan)to Chiengsaen
    with my wife who does not ride anymore.
    Can anyone give me some info on the price?
    Many thanks.
    Guichard(khun lung)
  6. Sorry Khun Lung. Did not read it properly but should have been alerted when you mentioned Muang Sing.

    Nong Auke (only 60 years old).


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